B2B News for Wednesday, July 7: Ransom Ware Attack Linked to Russian Gangsters, Cyber Security Partnerships and a Design Lab for the Textile Industry

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It’s a tough week for Kaseya. 1500 of its VSA customers were the subject of the largest ransom ware attack ever on July 2.  The company’s CEO Fred Voccola praised his employees’ response and support from the FBI and the White House itself in a video address on the company’s web site. Elsewhere, some experts are linking the attack to Russia-based gangsters.

One expert is cautioning all enterprises to engage in higher-level security and awareness due to the unique circumstances of this attack.  B2B interests in SCM and other procurement processes need to be especially alert.

“The scale of this attack is unusual. Usually, it is a single set of companies. However, the reach of this is much larger and further and past ransom ware attacks. Ransom ware attacks in the past have been focused on taking down a single company. However, this attack is much different, in that the focus was taking down thousands of Managed Service Providers (MSPs; provide IT/technology services to small and medium sized businesses) simultaneously by attacking a technology that is used by a broad range of organizations,” says Sagar Samtani, assistant professor of operations and decision technologies and Grant Thornton Scholar at the Kelley School of Business.

“These attacks indicate that supply chain issues/attacks are continuing to be a promising attack avenue. The SolarWinds incident in December indicated that attackers could profit significantly more in conducting a supply chain attack, as opposed to a single organization. This attack indicates that this trend seems to have continued in 2021. One approach that organizations can take to help prevent such issues is signing up for threat intelligence services such as Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations. For example, only one out of over 1,000 organizations signed up for the CompTIA ISAO (designed for MSPs) was affected with the breach.”

Press release: https://www.newswise.com/articles/iu-kelley-school-expert-available-to-discuss-with-reporters-attack-on-kaseya-largest-single-ransomware-attack?sc=cwhr&xy=5044666


Not surprisingly, a number of cyber security deals are appearing to help companies re-configure their security systems.

XYPRO Technology Corporation, a software solutions provider in cyber security, analytics, identity management, and secure database management, has expanded its partnership with Hewlett Packard. HPE NonStop systems, are now available with expanded XYPRO solutions for optimal threat detection and security management capabilities.

“In our history of delivering risk management solutions for HPE NonStop systems customers longer than anyone has, we strive for meaningful and strategic business relationships while providing great support and leading edge security solutions. Our strong relationship with HPE is why several XYPRO solutions have shipped with the HPE NonStop operating system for more than a decade,” said Lisa Partridge, CEO, XYPRO. “Making the rest of the XYPRO’s solution suite available through HPE further strengthens security within the HPE NonStop system ecosystem, providing customers security and consistency at significant value.”

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/xypro-expands-collaboration-with-hewlett-packard-enterprise-to-offer-full-suite-of-security-solutions-on-hpe-nonstop-systems-301326253.html

Tukatech  and Sowtex, both tech firms working in the textile and apparel industry, are set to launch a 3D visualizer and design lab resource solution tomorrow. The collaborators assert their tools will hem in the timelines of both the design and sample-creation process. Tomorrow’s launch comes amid Covid-19 restrictions on textile, fashion and garment supply chains.

“The Sowtex Design Lab — comprising life-like digital swatches of 10,000+ global textile manufacturers — will combine Tukatech’s 3D Visualizer to enable designers, garment manufacturers, fashion brands, fabrics and trim manufacturers, and stockists to make design and sampling processes quick and easy,” said Sowtex founder Sonil Jain.

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/tukatech-and-sowtex-create-worlds-first-digital-platform-for-design–development-301326510.html

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