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How to Rethink Your Website to Improve User Experience

Last updated on May 3rd, 2023 at 10:53 am

There’s an inherent problem on the internet today.  True, the clamoring advertisements and the incessant yammering of senseless sales pitches is increasingly killing the internet experience. But the most suffocating dilemma online today is the prodigious amount of websites without souls. 

Too often, businesses are committing a crime against their visitors and users.  This is because they draft, design, and build their websites primarily for their business needs instead of considering the needs of their users. Whether your website is geared to B2B or B2C, you need to consider your audience if you want to improve your user experience. 

What is UX and Why It’s the Key to Website Success

UX is the common abbreviation for user experience.  Smart online business owners scrutinize user experiences on their websites in order to determine what is working and what clearly isn’t.  UX data can be collected and researched through third-party traffic statistic tools such as Google Analytics or Semrush. This data is analyzed to determine vital on-site stats such as the number of return visitors or how long a visitor stays on a website or particular page.

Learning how users behave and engage with a website is vital to keeping visitors on-site and ultimately converting them into paying customers. There are a lot of UI and UX design studios who can help with achieving a successful user experience and creating an online environment that makes visitors stick.  With that in mind, here are a few ways you can rethink your website to improve your user experience.

Rethink Your Online Presentation and Cater to Your Guests

When you’re making strides to improve user experience, compare your website to catering an event.  For instance, you wouldn’t normally serve hot dogs at a posh, high-profile art gallery opening. In the same way, you probably wouldn’t serve up goofy .gifs or polka dot designs on a B2B site that’s trying to sell thread to high-end silk tie manufacturers. 

Most savvy website owners should understand that 75% of users judge a website and its offerings by its design and aesthetics. However, many business site owners tend to build a site for sales results more than considering their visitor’s preferences.  Consequently, it’s crucial to know your site’s demographic exceedingly well and cater to it with equal determination.

Consider Your Viewer’s On-Page Experience

In addition to employing appropriate design functionality, successful websites should be easy to use, and a pleasure to browse.  You can do this in many different ways.  For example, make your pages easy to read. Realize your visitors are busy. They don’t have all day to plow through tomes of information.

In fact, spewing loads of content for the sake of satisfying SEO can actually be repellent for your visitors.  You can accommodate search engines while still improving the user experience. Here are a few on-page tips for engaging your readers and enticing them to make your website one of their favorites online.

Utilize multiple, clear headers: Doing this breaks up your on-page content and allows your visitors to easily find what they’re looking for with clearly defined headers introducing sections of your post.

Make paragraphs shorter: Smaller, bite-sized paragraphs allow your visitors to easily read through your material.

Make use of boldface and italics:  This helps busy visitors easily scan through the material and stop to read more deeply when they see highlights in your text.

Incorporate videos: According to online surveys, website visitors are 88% more likely to stay on web pages that dispense the subject matter via a video embedded on the page.

Add high-quality images: This is not only good SEO practice, but it also stimulates your viewers, hence encouraging them to view more and ideally make a purchase.

Use Tech That Matters to Your Users

As the internet has matured over the years, so have its users.  Thankfully, most business websites have, too, and no longer feature superfluous widgets or animated cartoons cartwheeling across their homepage.  The point here is that employing tech on your business website requires attention to your visitor’s needs, as well as serve a clear purpose.

For example, 60%-70% of users say that they appreciate and use chatbots on websites in order to get quick answers and fast access to the information they want.  The use of artificial intelligence helps improve user experience because more and more, discerning visitors want immediate interaction and quick solutions on websites today.

Furthermore, a whopping 88% of users say they will not wait for a slow-loading website. In fact, a slow web page is the number one reason visitors click out of a website.  In light of this, it’s imperative to have a seamless digital experience. There are specific resources such as a fast WordPress hosting service that are specifically designed to help keep your visitors appeased and returning to your site.

The Last Word on Improving User Experience

In conclusion, you can probably see that aesthetic versus function is critical when it comes to improving user experience. Striking the right balance that will appeal to visitors while also satisfying your online business goals, isn’t always easy.  However, rethinking your website by considering your target markets’ needs gives you a better advantage in attracting your demographic and engaging your visitors more effectively.


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