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How to Secure Endpoints with MITRE Framework

Endpoint security must be a concern for modern businesses that want to protect their digital assets from external threats.

This has become an even greater priority now that portable devices are prevalent, and in the wake of the move towards remote working, it is more pertinent than ever.

With the assistance of the MITRE ATTACK framework, companies can secure endpoints more effectively, so let’s look at how this is achieved.

The process of empowering enterprises

MITRE’s framework is an all-encompassing, non-linear solution for cyber security which recognizes the multifaceted nature of modern attacks and dissects these to build knowledge and understanding of each.

This is very relevant in an endpoint security context since it does away with the misconception of an attack being impossible to defend against and defeat once it has already breached primary prevention measures.

Instead, with the in-depth matrix of tactics and techniques used by adversaries, it is possible to account for a number of different scenarios and to change security strategies on the fly as the scenario dictates.

So even if an attacker is able to access an endpoint and exploit end-user credentials to gain entrance to business systems, with a view to exfiltrating data, security teams will be able to use the lessons of the framework to predict their next moves and take action to stop them in their tracks.

The knowledge base that underpins the framework makes threat detection less of a struggle and moreover outlines the types of organizations that are more susceptible to being targeted.

The need to remedy security weaknesses

The MITRE framework can be the basis of your entire cyber security strategy, and if you are starting from scratch, this is definitely sensible. However, if you already have endpoint security solutions in place, it is more a way of testing your existing assets and plugging gaps.

To do this, you need to first ensure that everything is as well optimized as possible, with correct configurations implemented across all endpoint software and hardware. Only then can you turn to the ATTACK framework to start your search for weak areas that have gone unnoticed.

For example, while you might have gone all-out to protect your systems from ransomware, if you haven’t restricted endpoint access to sites that are known to be malicious, you could overlook this until it is too late.

The framework lets you think like a hacker and unpicks the tactics they use so that businesses know where to focus their cyber security efforts.

The environments covered

Another important point to note about the MITRE framework from an endpoint security perspective is that there are actually different iterations that relate to specific operating environments. As a result, you have to select the right one to harness for your own needs.

Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS ecosystems are all covered by the ATTACK enterprise framework. If your endpoints are powered by any of these common desktop and server OS products, you cannot afford to leave them vulnerable to malicious exploitation.

Cloud environments are also accommodated under the same umbrella, with the knowledge base including adversarial tactics used in assaults on AWS, Azure, and other popular platforms. 

Once again, if your remote working setup is reliant on cloud tools, this could be considered an aspect of endpoint security as well.

There are also mobile-centric iterations of the framework. Android and iOS are scrutinized here, so if your mobile device management is not suitably secure, you can find this out swiftly.

Following the guidance of the MITRE framework is wise, whatever your security setup. Endpoint threats are not going anywhere, and this is the only way to cope with this reality efficiently.


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