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The Role Smartphones Play in the Workplace in 2022

Digital connectivity is critical to the success of companies in most industries in 2022. The nature of the global economy means that businesses can no longer rely on the “here and now,” both in terms of customers and employees.

Between remote workers, companies having branches in different countries, customers at home wanting help with a product or service, and other tasks, employees having smartphones is now a key aspect of their job.

Companies can download many apps for 2022 onto their employees’ phones, which allow them to become more productive when they are on the clock.

Below is a guide that explains how much we rely on smartphones at work in 2022.

Mobile Phone Use at Work

Studies from the past couple of years show that roughly 75 percent of employees have their phones within eyesight when they are at work. If they are on the floor and actively performing tasks, they have their phone on volume in their pocket, ensuring they can hear any message or call ring immediately.

Such active mobile phone use at work is because of how teams communicate now. Stores often have managers in charge of several locations, which means they are not always on-site. If a manager has to inform an employee of something, or vice versa, they would likely do so over text or phone call.

The same is valid for employees communicating with each other, even at the same location. Sending a text or message using an app like Slack or Microsoft Teams is a lot faster than looking for an employee. If someone has a question or needs a product found at the back of the store, a text is often the fastest way to get a response.

The Age of Work Smartphone Apps

We are very much in the age of work-related smartphone apps. Not only are there apps that any individual can use to boost productivity or learn skills, but certain apps that businesses can leverage to get the most out of their workforce.

Having all the employees using Slack on their smartphones is one example; companies can maintain an open communication channel. Everyone can read alerts or messages meant for the general staff. Employees can also talk to each other, through the main chat or by opening one-on-one chat windows.

Rise of Remote Workers

Another reason why smartphones, and subsequently smartphone apps, have become so dominant in 2022 is the rise in remote work. With recent events in the world and general worker trends, more people want to stay at home several days a week if they can do their job remotely.

Companies must find the balance between giving their employees freedom to occasionally work from home while ensuring the company culture and camaraderie does not suffer. Smartphone apps can help in this way. 

Video chatting can allow employees to stay connected and get face-to-face time, even when they are at home for most of the week. Productivity apps can ensure that everyone on a team receives alerts regarding due dates for various projects and related tasks.  

Do Employees Receive Phones at Work?

The United States is one of the countries that has the lowest rate of companies providing their employees with work phones. While you may notice people carrying around two phones, with one being a work phone, the practice is much more common around the rest of the world.

Given the wide availability of Android smartphones and iPhones in the United States and the ease with which people can access a line of credit to buy their phones, most phones are personally owned. Employees use their personal phones to talk with other employees and managers over text or phone calls or to download company-mandated apps for chats, video conferencing, and productivity.

Technology Boosts Productivity Across the Board

The increased popularity of smartphones in the workplace for work-related reasons has driven a rapid rise in productivity. Employees now have a lot more information at their fingertips, and they can easily communicate with their team members as well.

Billions of devices are connected to the internet worldwide, more than one device for each person alive. Many of these devices are work computers and phones. 

Employees in the modern economy must have one eye on their phone every minute they are on the clock, as they may get an urgent message or alert from a manager, fellow employee, or customer.


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