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How To Choose The Right Start-Up Office

Choosing the best location to set up an office is a decision that can ultimately make or break your business in its early days, and is one that should not be taken lightly. It is the scale of these decisions that can cause entrepreneurs to put off making final decisions about their office space. The location can be critical to performance and profitability. 

Consider The Nature And Culture Of Your Business

The first thing to consider when you are looking for office space is the nature of your business. The ideal space should be large enough to accommodate all your employees and operations. For example, if you are starting a manufacturing business, you need a space to accommodate machinery, equipment, staffing levels, and room for stock, materials and anything else that is essential for your business to function. 

Poor planning can lead to a cluttered workspace, which is unproductive and unprofessional or could even be hazardous. The ideal office space should let you and your employees uphold the culture of your business. 

Your working environment has a significant effect on the productivity and morale of your employees. Get space that motivates your staff to work harder and longer. Do not compromise on the image and reputation that you intend to build for your business when choosing an office. 

Get Value For Your Money

The goal of many property owners is to get as much as they can from their investments in terms of rent charges. Evaluate the pricing of each space to decide if you’re getting value for your money. Sometimes lease contracts have many charges hidden in the fine print. You might miss these charges if you don’t read the lease carefully. Serviced offices might be a better deal, so all the costs are obvious. 

Calculate the total costs of moving your business to the new space including the cost of renovations and installations. The space should be worth every penny that your business spends every month. 

If the move won’t make you more money, question if it’s really necessary. Profitability always has to be the driving factor. The price should be within your budget for rent and leasing charges. 

Consider The Space Layout And Amenities

The layout of your office will determine if all the equipment and furniture that your startup needs will fit. The space may look large enough but some furniture and equipment might not fit depending on the layout. Check the lighting and air conditioning too. You want to create a comfortable and safe working environment for your staff. The amenities in the building and space can help you to make a smarter decision. 

If you are going to meet most of your clients at the office, look for space with a reception area. Pick an office with a conference room if you have a lot of employees or partners in your business. You will need the facilities to hold meetings. Consider the internet and telephone connections, parking facilities, and other amenities like a kitchen and storage units. 


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