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What is SMS Long Code & When To Use It?

Despite the rapid technological progress of recent decades, maintaining a dialogue with certain audience segments can still be a challenge for brands. Your customers may be using basic devices that don’t support advanced messaging channels, or they may be in an area with poor connectivity.

Fortunately, SMS remains a valuable communication channel that allows brands to communicate with their audience (and engage them in conversation) almost anywhere, all it takes is a simple mobile phone and GSM coverage.

To do this, businesses need to invest in an SMS short or long number, depending on their business needs. 

What are short and long codes?

Shortcodes are phone numbers, usually 3-4 digits long, that brands can use for bulk SMS and two-way communication with their customers. Shortcodes are easy to remember and have the added benefit of high throughput, allowing dozens of messages to be sent per second. If you have an exclusive shortcode, you can also increase your brand awareness and improve the effectiveness of marketing communications by choosing the most memorable combination of numbers.

Long codes are 10-12 digit phone numbers with a country code, also known as virtual mobile numbers. With SMS long code, a business can use the same number to send SMS messages and make calls, creating a consistent channel for all forms of communication with customers. The message coming from a standard length number looks like it’s coming from a human instead of a bot, making long numbers handy for personalized customer service.

It is important to note that although long codes allow you to register a separate number for each region your company operates in, they may not be optimal for sending bulk emails due to low bandwidth.

Benefits of short and long SMS codes

Whether you use short or long numbers, they play a key role in your brand’s text communication. Short and long numbers contribute to your company’s recognition and help you maintain a consistent image across all platforms and channels.

While short numbers are usually easier to recognize at first glance, long numbers are better suited for dialogue. Users are more likely to send an SMS to a long number because they subconsciously associate it with communicating with a live person.

SMS codes are the best option if you want to send thousands of messages instantly. Bulk messaging allows brands to reach a wide audience in seconds. SMS is also much more cost-effective when it comes to reaching thousands of consumers at once than other marketing tools such as purchase advertising.

At the same time, both types allow for a higher level of personalization and dialogue. Two-way communication and targeted marketing messages offer users a personalized experience, while mass campaigns and automated messages cover all your text marketing needs.  

When to use short and long numbers?

What is SMS Long Code & When To Use It

Short numbers are a great bulk SMS marketing tool. It’s common to use shortcodes:

  • If you need to text thousands of people at the same time for an emergency alert;
  • If you want to have a dialogue with a local audience;
  • If you plan to conduct surveys, questionnaires, etc. at the national level.

Although long code is less suitable for mass texting, it is a great option for brands looking to expand their international presence without sacrificing superior SMS open and engagement rates. Here are some cases where a long number is useful:

  • If you plan to communicate with an audience from all over the world;
  • If you have a desire for the interlocutor to perceive your communication as a living thing, more “human”;
  • If you need a lower price.

SMS short and long numbers are fantastic tools that can help your business communicate effectively with your audience in a variety of scenarios. While short numbers are great for instant brand recognition, long numbers help build trust by using area codes for the markets you serve.


SMS continues to be popular as a ubiquitous communication channel that can help businesses attract and retain their global audience. The use of consumption numbers and long SMS messages can facilitate this process, an acceptable two-way communication that guarantees a process in which even consumers who consume food can receive the expected support. 

Notification of important events, interesting offers, congratulations, reminders – these types of messages contribute to the formation of the image of a company that cares about its customers.

However, to get a result on the total number of types, it is important to accurately assess the objective, budget and scope of the campaign.


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