Monday, April 22, 2024

The Babb Group Launches New Instructional Design Portal

Today The Babb Group (TBG) launched a new portal focused on its instructional design and curriculum development services for colleges, universities and corporate learning and development departments. The site can be found at

The educational consultancy’s move comes in response to greater student demand for 100% online courses, micro credentials and entire programs. Many courses were moved online in haste during periods of emergency online learning at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, faculty and administrators alike have realized that an entire suite of tools and skills are required to create a meaningful learning experience for students who choose not to return to campus.

The Babb Group has long bridged the skills and tools gaps for its clients.

“Our clients now know that emergency remote learning is not online education,” said Sheila Fry, COO of TBG. “Conducting lectures by video conference and posting files to online forums are certainly part of online learning, but it’s not everything. Our instructional designers work with faculty to create opportunities for engagement between students and the material, students and their instructors, students and their peers. That’s expertise we have developed and it is driving demand for our services.”

The exclusive focus of the portal on instructional design and curriculum development gives administrators, faculty and L&D leaders a more stream-lined user experience.

“We’ve always seen ourselves as extensions of our clients’ full time staff,” Fry said. “The new portal enables the people who need us to access our expertise immediately.”


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