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7 Tips to Elevate Your Digital Marketing Career While Working Full Time

You’re working full time, but you have the itch to do more. You want to grow and evolve your career, but you don’t have the time or energy to commit to another full-time job. If this sounds like you, then we’ve got some good news. You can still elevate your digital marketing career while working full-time. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of every waking minute.

Make the Most of Your Free Time

You can use your free time to build your skills and knowledge in digital marketing. You might want to learn new skills, like how to write code or create videos. Or you might want to improve on existing skills, like learning how to test the impact of different landing pages on conversions. 

And while this self-development is excellent for your career, it also helps you stand out from the crowd and connect with other people in the field with similar interests. You can also use your free time for networking purposes, reach out to people involved with digital marketing (or have been in the past), ask them about their experiences, and see if there’s anything they’d recommend reading or watching.

Don’t Wait Until You Are Done With Your Day Job

The second mistake to avoid is waiting to start learning and networking until you are done with your day job. The best time to start is now. Please don’t wait until you are done with your day job, because that’s when it will be too late.

Start building skills from the moment you get a job in digital marketing so that when the time comes for an opportunity at a new company or even within your current organization, you’ll be ready for it.

It means ensuring that any courses or certifications related to digital marketing are on your radar before accepting any new role (if possible). Also, consider what type of training would benefit you personally and professionally, and begin taking steps toward getting those skills under your belt while still working full-time at another job.

Build Your Network

Building your network is a great way to get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. In fact, according to Glassdoor’s annual survey of the best places to work, companies with strong company culture and a sense of community were rated highest in employee satisfaction.

One way you can build your network is by reaching out on LinkedIn or Twitter and connecting with people working in digital marketing roles at companies you admire. Don’t be afraid to reach out through email or message them on social media; make sure that you keep things professional. If someone doesn’t respond after multiple attempts (or if it seems like they aren’t interested), move on and try another time again with someone else who works at their company (or another company).

Another option for building your network is attending local events where professionals from various industries gather as part of an informal meetup group. For example, meetup groups can include anything from regional tech conferences or job fairs hosted by non-profits focused on diversity initiatives within tech industries. These events provide an opportunity for networking while also providing attendees with valuable information about upcoming opportunities within their industry sector and other sectors related fields like healthcare sciences.

Stay Updated

It’s essential to stay updated on the latest trends, especially in digital marketing. The world of digital marketing is constantly changing, so it’s best to keep on top of those changes. You can do this by reading blogs and articles from experts in the industry or watching online webinars and classes. If you have time during your lunch break or your commute home from work, listen to podcasts about digital marketing for a quick way to keep up with trends and insights from other professionals in this field.

Also, ensure that you’re keeping up with technology; the platforms where people spend their time online are constantly evolving. You don’t want to be stuck using older tools when everyone else uses new ones. If you don’t feel like learning how they work right away (or at all), find someone who will help teach them instead of wasting time trying yourself.

Set Realistic Goals

The first step in setting your goals is to decide what you want. For example, you may want to become a social media manager and begin managing your company’s Facebook page. It is an attainable, specific, realistic, and time-bound goal.

It’s essential to set realistic goals, so they are attainable. You don’t want to set a goal like “become rich” or “be happy” because these goals can’t be measured or tracked towards completion. Instead, think about what it will take for you to reach this objective (such as hiring someone else or creating a new product line) and write down those steps and the estimated time frame for each step (e.g., three months).

Get a Mentor to Guide You Along the Way

Mentors can help you understand the industry better, and, most importantly, they’ll give you valuable guidance on how to stay on track. They can also help you develop your skills and hone in on your strengths to become an invaluable asset to the company or department where you hope to work.

If a mentor asks for payment or other compensation in exchange for their services as a mentor/coach, this is not legal advice and should be treated with caution. For someone who provides coaching services to be able to offer them under the umbrella of “legal advice legally,” that person must first be licensed by their state bar association as an attorney.

Pursue a Digital Marketing Master’s Degree Online

One of the best ways to get ahead in your digital marketing career is by pursuing a digital marketing master’s degree online. However, many people don’t have time to return to school or can’t afford the tuition for an on-campus program. But fear not, as online digital marketing master’s degree programs are here, and they’re affordable, convenient, and fast.

The average annual tuition at a top 50 public university is $31,231, while online universities typically charge between $10,000-$15,000 per year. It means you can save up to 75% off what you’d pay if you attend an on-campus program. Plus, with so many online courses (more than 1 million), there’s no excuse not to further your education this way.

The average time it takes someone without prior work experience or knowledge of digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics or Adobe Photoshop CC is 18 months if they take 12 credit hours per semester while working full-time (40 hours per week).


Now that you’ve heard the top digital marketing tips, it’s time to take action and make them happen. Don’t wait until you’re done with your job or have a full-time position before working on your career. No matter your current situation, there are always ways to grow as an individual or professional. You can start today by enrolling in an online master’s degree program and getting started on your path toward becoming a leader in this ever-changing industry.


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