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Using Statistics to Increase your Profits

At the end of the day, business is a numbers game. How much inventory do you need? What is your bottom line? How do you increase your profit margins? Just like anything else involving numbers, probability and statistics play an important role in business. Learning to understand odds and use them to your advantage will help you increase your profits in business. 

Using an NFL Probability and Statistics Example 

What are some of the different ways that you can leverage different statistics to help your business? First, you need to understand the different types of statistics and how to read them. Let’s use line betting as an example. For NFL lines, you will see the probability of how well a particular team is forecasted to do and how much money you can make by betting on each team. 

Statistics in business will give you similar information, like showing what products will sell or what investments will help make you profitable. Being able to predict which decisions will end up making you the most money is a skill you can learn to change the way you manage your business. 

There are two main types of statistics used in business, descriptive and inferential. The purpose of these is to give you information about your company. Descriptive statistics describe data to you. This type of information will tell you things like the average spending of your customers per visit and how much money is spent on each individual transaction. You can use this information to your advantage by applying the next type of statistics, inferential. 

Inferential statistics help you draw conclusions based on the described data. For example, if you find that one particular product sells better in one particular area, you can infer that similar products will be more successful in that area. You can apply the information gathered from these statistics to alter your business model for maximum profit. Allow yourself to try different approaches based on the data to maximize your potential. 

Increasing Your Brand’s Reach 

One big place where statistics are relevant is the area of marketing and branding. Being able to understand who is seeing your ads and what kinds work to increase sales of different products is vitally important. Reading the data will allow you to make the necessary changes to increase your odds of reaching the most people. 

For example, does your logo appeal to your target audience? You can use statistics and data to find what your potential customers like more effectively. If you discover that you need to change something up, ask yourself some important questions about your brand beforehand. You don’t need to be a numbers expert to understand that more effective branding can increase your profits. 

Take Advantage of Conversion Probability

One useful tool that is often overlooked is Google’s Conversion Probability Analytics. This program allows you to look at your website and see what areas are actually getting customers to “convert” or actually purchase something from your website. It even itemizes which pages of your website have the highest rate of conversions happening. You can use this data to see what is working and to fix and adjust the things that are not. Conversion analysis only works for e-commerce sites, so it won’t help you track visitors on a blog or other site. But if you sell a product online, this is an invaluable tool for business, giving real-time data that you can use to project and adjust your business. 

Nothing in business is ever certain, but you can use statistics and data to greatly increase your odds of making a profit. Leverage these numbers to your advantage and increase the reach of your company. 


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