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How To Make A Splash With Your Event Marketing

Whether you’re hosting your own corporate event or attending a trade show or the like, event marketing should be a part of your marketing calendar every single year. However, if you want to truly succeed and win some business from the events that you attend, you need to do a lot more than simply make an appearance. You need to make a splash, as well.

Get involved in the hype cycle

Depending on the nature of the event, there may already be people with the platform to spread the word of your business ready and in position. The organisers of the event may be enthusiastic about spreading what news of the attendants they can, and publications and influencers relevant to the industry might be doing much the same. Connect your marketing efforts to the organisers, and pay attention to if any PR or press people are sharing their news on social media. Sending press releases of your own attendance, especially if you have news to share, can start building anticipation of your presence.

Let your presence be seen

At the bigger business events, not only are you going to have to fight for the best real estate, you’re going to have to fight for attention, too. Register your attendance to the event as soon as you can so that you have a better chance of being closer to the front or near the big stage or bigger attendant’s booths. Spend the time to improve the visual impact of your brand’s booth as well, with accessories like outdoor banners to really help you pop. You want the crowd to be able to pick you out from the lineup so you have to fight for attention.

Nail your pitch

When you do have someone stop by your booth, that’s your opportunity to guide them ever closer to becoming a customer. As such, you have to make sure that you’re able to deliver a sterling pitch on the event floor. This might mean memorizing the key selling points of your products and services, and learning how to practice active listening so that you can learn about each prospect and make sure that you’re crafting your pitch to meet their specific needs.

Always follow up

You might not be able to secure sales out on the event floor, but if you can swap contact information with those who show interest in your service, then you should make sure that you follow up on it. Learn how to craft a follow-up email, or even a phone call, to continue the conversation from where you left off. It’s worth taking the time to qualify each lead so you have an idea of which of them showed the most enthusiasm and, as such, might be more deserving of your attention first.

Every event that your business attends is an opportunity to not just win new business, but to get your brand further out there, to build recognition and prestige, and to keep the momentum behind your business. Don’t waste those opportunities.


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