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How to Make YouTube Videos Like a Professional

Suppose you have any plans for uploading your very first YouTube video or just want to add a more personal touch to your existing content and channel. In that case, you need to know how to make YouTube videos stand out on the highly competitive platform. This also includes knowing just the right strategies and techniques to confidently distinguish your content and monetize it to generate a substantial income.

Many video creators don’t know the potential their YouTube channel holds or how to grasp opportunities to become the next platform influencer. In this blog post, we will mention everything you need to know about YouTube video creation, as well as some useful video editing tips to improve your visibility.

Learn the Potential of Your YouTube Channel

Before learning how to make YouTube videos, you need to discover the potential of your niche and channel. If you have a channel where you already upload videos, it’s imperative that you explore the vast potential for monetizing your content. This will motivate you to raise the bar and produce high-quality videos, effectively boosting your chances of increasing your monetization options.

There are various ways to learn the potential of your YouTube channel. Use Views4You’s tool to get an estimated value for your channel.

You can get all the information you need by simply providing your YouTube channel link.

Furthermore, you can use other free tools of Views4You to enhance your own YouTube videos or utilize its paid services to boost your video performance and visibility on the platform.

Steps to Make a YouTube Video

Let’s explore the steps of how to make YouTube videos. There are specific steps you need to follow while making your own YouTube video if you want them to appear professional.

Search What Your Target Audience Watch

At the core of YouTube content creation stands your target audience – people who are genuinely interested in what you share with them on your own video. For this reason, you need to understand their requirements well by checking out what they watch and interact with.

So, once you create a YouTube account, do not immediately start posting video content. Instead, search YouTube. Try to understand what kind of content stands out to your audience, as they will be your ultimate inspiration and source while making YouTube videos.

Find YouTube Video Ideas

If you have been using YouTube for a while, you probably noticed that all the videos on the platform aren’t the same – on the contrary, they address different audience groups. Thus, every creator aims to make a YouTube video focusing on a specific niche and type.

So, as you create your own video, you need to come up with YouTube content ideas to distinguish your channel from your competitor’s pages. Therefore, while looking for ideas, you can search your niche and find top YouTube videos created in it to see which ideas stand the most to your targeted viewers.

You also need to decide what type of videos you’re going to share on YouTube to draw an audience to your channel. Some of the popular types include:

  • Tutorial Videos: A tutorial video simply answers questions. These types of online videos usually teach new skills. They can also explain anything with easy-to-understand and follow steps. Also known as a how-to video or instructional video, it can be both informative and entertaining.
  • VLog: YouTube videos based on the creator’s daily life are called vlog – video blog. They include video footage or screen content from where the creator visits, what kind of food they eat, or any daily activities.
  • Gaming Videos: As the name suggests, these kinds of videos focus on gaming – they can be a review or how-to videos about a specific game.

Purchase the Necessary Equipment to Make a YouTube Video

People stop watching videos if they fail to meet their quality expectations or don’t deliver what the content promises. So, it’s important to ensure you create high-quality YouTube videos to make your audience stay. And the best way to create high-quality videos is to use the necessary equipment for them. Based on the content type, it can be a camera or screen recording software.

Recording camera video is about using the proper lighting and achieving microphone audio quality. So, to achieve a better-quality video, you need to find a camera, lighting equipment, and microphones.

If you aim to create valuable instructional videos, then it’s better to find video recording software so that you can record the screen easily while giving instructions. You might still need a microphone for better audio quality, though.

If you want to create short and entertaining content, you can upload mobile device videos, as they are quite trendy these days. As long as you have a decent mobile phone, you can record video and upload it directly to your channel.

Select the Perfect Video Editing Software

Creating a high-quality YouTube video is more than filming a couple of video clips. You need to improve its visuals and provide a smooth viewing experience to your audience with transitions, background music, subtitles, and everything else that enhances the video quality.

Therefore, you need to find software that at least provides simple video editing functionality to easily utilize to create YouTube content today, even if you aren’t an expert video editor. Many options offer everything you need and even video tutorials for how to use them all. Most of these software programs have a mission to allow anyone to edit their videos professionally, so you don’t need to worry about your skills.

Improve Your Video Appearance

You might create a high-quality video that deserves millions of views. But how are you going to get those views if people simply scroll and don’t click on that video to watch it? This is why you need two important things: a catchy video title and an attention-grabbing custom thumbnail.

If you don’t know how to write a title but have a basic topic idea, YouTube title tools can help you create catchy titles.

For thumbnails, you can use a frame of your video clip and graphic tools to include necessary titles. Just make sure to include colors and fonts that reflect your unique YouTube personality and achieve superior video quality.

Optimize Your YouTube Videos

Uploading YouTube videos directly to your channel can hardly help you build a presence on the platform. You need to increase its visibility and enable people to find it once they look for content on the YouTube search bar. Therefore, you need to implement search engine optimization (SEO) methods when you create videos and after you upload your video file.

Search for keywords in your niche, and use them on video YouTube transcriptions. Mention them in the title and description so that you can increase chances for this internet video to be found not only on YouTube but also on Google and other search engines.

How to Post Video to YouTube Uploading?

The last step of how to make YouTube videos is of course, uploading the created content. To upload a video project to your own channel, you need to open YouTube Studio. This is where you see your own videos and make necessary changes even after you upload them.

Select the file from your device to upload once you are in the Studio. If you haven’t edited the video yet, you can use YouTube’s own free tools to add some effects or background music. The only negative side, however, is that you can’t upload multiple videos at the same time. So, if you have more than one clip, you can only edit one of them, as YouTube allows you to upload just a single video at a time.

Once you’re done with the video, you need to fill in the necessary information that optimizes your content, such as title, description, YouTube playlist you want your video to be in, video language, tags, and more that directly affect your video’s visibility.

Then, just select the visibility of your video – public or private- and upload it.


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