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Caribbean Island Escapes: Securing Citizenship in Tropical Paradises

The Caribbean is known for its idyllic beaches, picturesque landscapes, diverse culture, and cuisine, and it is a melting pot of flavors. It is a popular destination among tourists owing to its pleasant weather all year round.

If you want to make the Caribbean your second home or plan your retirement in the archipelago, consider the citizenship by investment programs offered by several of its island nations.

You and your family could secure citizenships in the Caribbean by contributing to local development funds or investing in real estate.

As citizens, you can enjoy benefits like visa-free travel, tax exemptions, and dual citizenship.

The article will introduce you to the several citizenship-by-investment programs offered by Caribbean countries.

What is a Citizenship by Investment Program?

Citizenship by investment program was first started by the dual-island nation, St. Kitts and Nevis, in the Caribbean in 1984. The idea of the program is to attract high-net-worth individuals to the country.

Foreign investors can make contributions to the country’s economy. In turn, the individual and their family members are granted full citizenship.

Government contributions, real estate, and government bonds are the most common investment options.

To be eligible for the program, the main applicant must be over 18 years old, in good health, have no criminal record, have the financial means to make the investment, and bear the cost of living.

If you want to know more about citizenship by investment programs and to know if you are the right fit for it, you can contact an investment migration expert at

Why Should You Consider Moving to the Caribbean?

If the tropical paradises of the Caribbean have caught your interest, here are some reasons you should consider applying for the citizenship program.

Affordable Investment Options

The investment options offered by the citizenship programs in the Caribbean are more affordable than the EU citizenship programs.

For example, Dominica and St. Lucia’s investment amount for the main applicant is USD 100,000. In the case of a family of four, the amount increases to USD 175,000 and USD 150,000, respectively.

This is lower than the minimum investment amount of EUR 250,000 Portugal’s citizenship program requires.

Inclusion of Family Members

Most of the Caribbean nations allow you to include your spouse, dependent children, parents, siblings, and even grandkids in your citizenship application.

The investment amount will increase according to the number of dependents. But if you want to relocate with your whole family, you could do so in the Caribbean.

Moreover, some Caribbean countries offer citizenship by descent. This means your future generations will automatically receive Caribbean citizenship.

Travel Visa-Free

With a Caribbean passport, you can travel visa-free to over 145 countries across the globe. These include places like the UK, EU, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

With such global mobility, you can plan travel trips with your family without having to worry about applying for a visa beforehand.

Tax Haven

The Caribbean is one of the sought-after destinations by expats and entrepreneurs, owing to its favorable tax structure for investors.

In countries like Antigua and Barbuda and St.Kitts and Nevis, you do not have to pay income, wealth, or inheritance tax. If you aim to build generational wealth, the Caribbean is where you could begin.

Dual Citizenship

Most of the Caribbean nations allow dual citizenship. If your home country allows you to keep a second citizenship, then there is no need to renounce your citizenship.

Dual citizenship allows you and your family better opportunities. You can have better access to education and healthcare. You also have a safe haven in place in the case of economic or political turmoil.

What Countries Offer Citizenship by Investment Programs in the Caribbean?

If you want to acquire Caribbean citizenship, here are the top five countries offering citizenship by investment programs.

Antigua and Barbuda

The minimum non-refundable contribution you can make here is USD 100,000 towards the National Development Fund (NDF). You also have to pay a processing fee of USD 30,000.

Or you could buy real estate with a minimum value of USD 400,000. If you are a family of six, you can consider contributing to the University of the West Indies (UWI) fund.


Dominica offers two investment options. One is to make a USD 100,000 contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF). The fund supports projects in the fields of healthcare, education, and sports.

Second, you can buy real estate from a list of approved projects with a minimum value of USD 200,000.

If you wish to know more about the Dominica citizenship program, please visit


Grenada also offers two investment options – National Transformation Fund (NTF) and real estate.

The minimum contribution to NTF is set at USD 150,000. If you include your spouse, the investment amount increases to USD 200,000. You must pay other fees like an interview, due diligence, application, and processing.

You can buy real estate from a list of approved projects with a minimum value of USD 220,000. You must also make a non-refundable contribution of USD 50,000.

Kitts and Nevis

You can invest a minimum of USD 250,000 in the Sustainable Island State Contribution (SISC). The fund caters to increasing local food production, diversifying the economy, and supporting sustainable industries.

You can buy real estate worth USD 400,000, again from an approved development project.

You can also contribute USD 250,000 towards the Public benefit option. The funds are typically used to generate local employment and support technology projects.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia offers three investment options under its citizenship program. You can contribute USD 100,000 to the National Economic Fund, which works to improve the infrastructure and utilities in the country.

You can buy real estate under approved projects worth USD 200,000. You could invest USD 300,000 in the National Action Bond. Please note that these would be non-interest-bearing bonds, and you must hold them for a five-year period.

St. Lucia offers a fourth investment option – enterprise projects. The minimum investment starts at USD 350,000. At the time of writing, no enterprise projects were open for investment.


The Caribbean is a popular destination among expats, retirees, entrepreneurs, and high-net-worth individuals. If you are looking for a second citizenship or a tropical place to retire to, Caribbean citizenship by investment programs are for you.

Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, and St. Lucia are the top island nations offering these programs in the Caribbean.


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