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How To Protect Yourself From Falls At Work


Your work should be a place of safety for you. It’s up to you and your employer to practice safe procedures at work and use all recommended equipment. Ignoring health and safety advice could result in an accident that causes an injury.

To protect yourself from falls at work, you need to pay attention to the safety rules that have been set out. Here are some tips on making sure you stay protected at all times.

Keep Floors Clean and Clear

You shouldn’t have to worry about where you’re walking when you’re at work. Walkways should be clean and clear at all times. If there are any spills on the floor, ensure these are cleaned and the floor is dried as soon as possible. While it dries, put out a clear warning sign for everyone to see.

The floor should also be clear of any working items or wires that could cause a trip hazard. Make sure you remain responsible for keeping your working area clean and tidy.

Equipment and Machinery

It’s vital that the correct equipment and machinery is used at all times. If you are responsible for bulk loading, using gangways, access bridges, safety stairs, and access ramps is essential for your safety. This will decrease the risk of falls while you are loading.

If you’re working in a loud environment, you may need to wear ear protection to work. If this is the case, you’ll need to know your working environment well to ensure you don’t trip over anything or anyone. It can help if your colleagues tap you when they’re about to pass.

The Right Footwear

You may need to wear specialist footwear to work. For instance, those working with heavy machinery or working trade jobs may need to wear steel capped footwear to protect their feet should something heavy fall to the floor. If your employer provides your footwear, make sure they fit well.

Footwear that’s loose or uncomfortable could cause you to misplace your footing while you’re at work and trip over. This is an easily avoidable incident so take the time to get the footwear that fits you best.


Poor lighting can lead to all types of different accidents in the workplace. When you’re not able to see properly while working, everything becomes a hazard. Natural light is best so try and position your work near a window if you can.

If you can’t get close to natural light and the light quality is poor, use artificial light. Lamps can make a big difference in any workspace.


Signage can help to communicate all kinds of messages. It can help you and others in the workplace identify dangers before they become a problem. From loud noises to wet floors and fire exits, signage is essential in the workplace.

If your employer hasn’t used enough signage in your workplace, now is the time to make it clear and make that change.

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