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The Finishing Touches: What Are Little Extra Things That Can Elevate Your Product’s Look?

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Often when we are putting a product or service out into the world, we rely on the marketing to provide those finishing touches. From the high-end video production to the marketing techniques and tactics, this can often be at the expense of the product itself. After all, if a customer purchases a product they like the look of because of flashy gimmicks but it seldom feels like a solid experience, that customer is unlikely to come back. This is why a sense of refinement is key to your product. So let’s show you exactly what it takes in terms of the product itself. 

The Sensory Elements

What we all need to remember when we are engaging with a product is that it shouldn’t just be a feast for the eyes but for all of the senses, depending on the product itself and the elements of the brand you’re trying to put forward. Soft fabrics can create a tactile experience that exudes warmth and comfort like these luxury labels made from textured paper, which elevate a brand. We have to remember that when it comes to the overall experience, the product senses can do a lot, especially if you’re trying to promote a luxury or high-end brand. 

Personal Touches

Businesses attempting to put their personality into their projects or marketing need to consider the personal elements that reflect either the user’s personality or the brand’s story. When we think of a high-end brand like Coco Chanel, the two Cs come to mind, and it’s worth thinking about what you can do to add those personal touches that can communicate what your brand is all about. Finishing touches elevate your product beyond mere functionality and encompass thoughtful design. 

It Doesn’t Need to Be Complex

In terms of packaging, we should avoid cluttering and rather follow the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid! The product is the key, and what we need to remember is that everything is mere window dressing, so we may very well want to provide as much detail as possible on the packaging to put across our brand, but when everything looks way too busy, this is not a feast for the eyes and, in fact, can be overstimulating. We should focus on clearly communicating the product’s purpose for and then incorporate the most minimal approach to design, such as clean lines or the bare basic graphics. Less, we always need to remember, is always more. 

Appropriate Imagery and Colors

When you understand what your brand is all about, you should think about the language of your product packaging and use a color scheme and imagery that evokes the desired emotions while also aligning with your brand. On a bare basic level, we associate green with nature and red with passion or excitement. An emotional connection is essential, and therefore if you start to think about what reactions you want to elicit from your customers, you can then set up the most appropriate designs. 

Branding (and All of Its Language)

The design should always reflect your brand’s values and personality. This is why you need to carefully consider the harmony between the color palettes, fonts, and logo to reinforce a sense of cohesion as well as brand recognition. When it comes to designing a product package, too many cooks can indeed spoil the broth, which is why simplicity is key. But think about the overall language of your current imagery. What can you do to bring this into your packaging in a sleek and simple way? Remember, it’s about creating that emotional connection, and this should be inherently linked with brand recognition. 

Don’t Forget Feedback

We can spend a lot of time focusing on an amazing package design, but we should use the opportunity to conduct our own form of A/B testing and create packaging prototypes for target audience feedback. It’s not just about the look; it’s about the functionality as well. For example, is it easy to open without tools? The user experience is essential, and the packaging should be convenient and ultimately intuitive for the customer. Their feedback will help you to optimize the look, as well as the functionality and unboxing experience. 

In terms of any product, the finishing touches are absolutely pivotal. This is a lesson that many small businesses almost forget about because they’ve been sidelined by other pressing problems. While promotional materials like your website are undoubtedly important, you need to consider the complete customer journey, and this includes the packaging and all of the finishing touches.


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