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Top B2B Website Development Trends For 2024

Last updated on May 13th, 2024 at 09:50 pm

Keeping your business website updated in this ever-growing and competitive marketplace is necessary. It ensures that your brand stands out among other market players. The best practices for B2B website design are developing with emerging technologies. In 2023, there were massive developments in AI technology and Twitter became X. As UX best practices continue to grow, so do website design strategies.

In a B2B domain, you sell custom services and products. That means people who visit your website are likely to perceive the quality of their browsing experience with the service or product quality. Hence, it’s important to stay updated with the current website design trends and best practices. It will ensure that your company appears as a leader in your respective industry.

This article will discuss the relevant website design trends that B2B companies should focus on in 2024.


Contrary to popular belief, animated websites can load quickly. As a B2B owner, try to keep most website design elements static and develop a visual interest with subtle movement. It’s a website design trend that will carry on in 2024. Use it intentionally and sparingly to add an engaging and personal touch to your business website.

You can seek inspiration from Path Robotics, a robotic welding solutions supplier. It has an intricate software program that is explained better with infographics in motion. If you notice the design and development template, the images move finely when hovered on. That way, the motion doesn’t overwhelm online users.

AI-Powered Design

AI (Artificial Intelligence) in website design is changing how web designers and marketers work. AI-enabled design tools are transforming the creative process. It helps designers and businesses to create designs that precisely reflect the user data. Using these tools, website designers can automate repetitive and mundane tasks, such as optimizing layouts and resizing images. That helps them concentrate on developing pleasant and aesthetic visuals.

For instance, AI can offer insights about the colors and styles that resonate with a certain audience section. Some tools also cut short the design process, allowing businesses to build websites without professional help. Hocoos states that the best players in this niche help B2B brands to build their websites fast. By answering a simple questionnaire, brands can unlock unique design templates specific to their business requirements within a brief time.


Users can either love or hate to scroll through a website. Most website designers believe overly long web pages might not be a good design idea. However, in 2024, we can expect scrolling to be a major trend. For most online users, scrolling is their second nature. With increased vertical space, designers can transform complicated and dense data into an interactive experience that offers users a compelling narrative. 

It is especially suggested for home pages that begin with an overview atop the web page. It usually comprises a solid brand positioning statement, an overview of the business services or products, and a solution to the pain points. The users will find detailed data as they scroll down the website page. If you can add interesting visual content, imagery, and infographics, then you can enhance the website’s communication.

Dark Mode

In recent times, dark mode has become highly popular in website design. Its capacity to minimize harshness on a bright screen is what users appreciate the most. Dark mode is comfortable and soothing to the eyes compared to the conventional white background. Since B2B companies need to advance and stay updated with the current design trends, incorporating dark mode is a wise decision in 2024.

It is especially true when a company’s website gets accessed by users, especially during night shifts. The dark screen helps to reduce the disruption of a person’s circadian rhythm by softening the bright light exposure during the night. That aside, it reduces the eye strain that results from staring at the monitor for a prolonged period.

Grid Layouts

In the past few years, websites have been progressing towards simple layouts. Grid patterns and compartmentalization are the next steps to consider. This website design trend enables you to present data in a visually appealing and easily comprehensible format. In B2B website design, users can move through a site by focusing on the product features and essential data from one viewport.

In conclusion, B2B website design trends are constantly growing, and it is difficult to stay updated. However, if your website includes the necessary trends based on your business requirements, you are all set to move through 2024 without any hassle. The website design trends discussed above are what you need to consider this year to enhance your online presence.


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