Who’s winning in the video content marketing space?

In today’s era of fast-paced information and short attention spans,  B2B firms and marketers that overlook videos may soon be left in the dirt. Telling compelling brand stories can be challenging for B2B companies. An oft-cited reason is that their products and services aren’t as “glittery” as their B2C counterparts. Nothing could be further from […]

4 B2B companies that have mastered the blogging game

Today, the “build-it-and-they-will-come” approach does not work anymore for B2B firm websites. There are simply too many sites (close to 1 billion) and hence major competition for eyeballs on the Web. This alone explains why it has become vital for B2B firms and marketers to amp up their content offerings in order to positively influence the sales […]

The B2Bnn primer on how your B2B can make its own amazing infographics

Visual content in B2B marketing is nothing new. Marketers have used content like pie charts and graphs for a very long time. However, a quick Pinterest search reveals that an increasing number of B2B firms have added infographics to their campaign strategies. According to MDG Advertising, in April 2015, Google Search surfaced at least 62 million […]

How your B2B social media manager should reply to online comments

By now, unless you live under a rock, you are aware of the benefits of social media for your B2B business. Unfortunately, this power is a double-edged sword, which comes in the form of occasional surges in customer comments and negative feedback. So, how should your social media representatives handle such engagement? Here are a […]

Case study: How B2B marketers should use curation to highlight their work

In my primer on content curation for B2B marketers last year, I explained how to use curation to complement creation and take your B2B business to the next level. Now that you have the basics, time to talk case study, specifically curating the customer experience to show off your products or services. Whenever I need a useful […]

Study: B2B marketers still struggle to make sense of social media

Social media has not just made the world smaller. It has also opened the door to bigger opportunities for B2B marketers. But with it, comes more competition, pressure to deliver, and overall confusion. According to a recent research by Simply Measured, marketers mostly struggle to fit social media into the business equation. There are four […]

Learning from the best on choosing the right cover image for your Facebook Page

Facebook Page cover photos are considered prime real estate on the social network. They are the first thing people see whenever they visit a company Page. Unfortunately, they continue being overlooked by a majority of B2B firms and marketers. Competition for a user’s attention is fierce. No matter what market you serve, chances are that hundreds […]