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Content Curation for B2B: 5 great examples

Last updated on July 19th, 2016 at 07:24 am

A few months ago, we published a series of tips from experts to help you take full advantage of content curation.

Advice is great, of course. But it is not enough. You need case studies to inspire your strategy.

That’s exactly the goal of today’s article. Here are five examples of major B2B brands that use curation to save their customer’s time, while bringing them the answers they need.


Millions of digital marketers consider Moz to be the major reference in the fields of inbound marketing and SEO. There are several reasons for it, one of them being Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday.

To me, another reason is The Moz Top 10. Twice a month, the team features the best inbound marketing pieces they have recently come across. Each of the ten items in the newsletter is accompanied by a short introduction. Subscribers know exactly what to expect before clicking the links.


Adobe is just not famous for multimedia and creativity software products like Photoshop. It also runs one of the most notable hubs for digital marketing news and insights in North America.

Aimed at senior marketing executives, CMO.com mostly comprises of original content. However, if you click the “More” tab in the menu, you will be able to access the “Marketing News Feed” section, an aggregated list that features the latest developments in the industry.

While aggregation is regarded as a very basic form of content curation, it is still a great way to serve as a source of reliable information and keep visitors coming back to the website.

People may remember creators, but they also flock to those who provide them with useful resources on a consistent basis. As such, CMO is a textbook example of how creation and curation can complement each other.


Another firm that understands the power of content curation is IBM. The technology and innovation company has four Tumblr sites, Smarter Cities, IBMblr, The Social Business, and Cognitive Business, which cover everything related to its services and products. From videos to blog posts, to articles, you will find everything you need there.

Of course, as one would expect of such a large entity, most of the content is self-promotional in nature. However, it does not feel salesy. The team of curators uses the “Reblog” feature to share third-party mentions and posts, as well as occasional user-generated content. As such, full attribution is ensured and sources are easily accessible.


If you are involved in marketing, the name SmartBrief will probably ring a bell. The digital B2B media company delivers daily relevant content to almost 6 million people, including senior executives and thought leaders, in a wide array of industries. The team of curators works with more than 10,000 media sources.

Visitors can choose to view content directly on the SmartBrief website or subscribe to newsletters and receive daily emails. Each piece is carefully summarized, with a link to read the post where it was originally published.


(Source: http://www2.smartbrief.com/getLast.action?mode=sample&b=CCA)

Verne Global

Verne Global owns and operates a data center campus in Iceland. Headquartered in the U.K., the team focuses on renewable energy sources.

Verne Global understands that social media should not be used as a one-way street to promote services and share announcements. Instead, the company runs Green Data Center News. The hub provides clients and visitors with the latest developments in the field of data centers, green IT, energy efficiency, and climate control.

The content is curated in two ways.

  1. Aggregation of relevant articles from around the web.
  2. Original posts building on third-party information.

The site has also been designed with visitors in mind. The right sidebar features a search widget as well as clickable categories. It’s easy to find your way around.


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