B2B Solution of the Week: SalesforceIQ CRM launched for SMBs

Everyone in the B2B space knows about Salesforce and how it revolutionized the cloud computing industry in general and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions in particular. Even given that, Salesforce still tends to mostly exist in the technology stacks of the larger B2B companies. However, that’s starting to change. Salesforce recently […]

B2B Solution of the Week: Why B2B should ditch legacy payment networks

The best B2B firms are flat and nimble. They do business at 21st century speeds. So why do they hamstring themselves by accepting payments through 20th-century legacy networks such as Visa and MasterCard that overcharge for their services? These networks and their associated processing partners require transaction charges of up to 3.5 percent, startup assessments, minimum […]

B2B Solution of the Week: How to best analyze channel sales performance

To succeed in the channel, B2B firms must examine the shortcomings of common data analysis methods with emphasis on how they’re used to monitor and measure an organization’s channel sales activities and performance. In addition, a data analytics solution must have certain components, especially for trend analysis. “Channel teams develop incentive programs blindly or using […]

B2B Solution of the Week: How blockchain technologies will affect B2B industries

As a B2B News Network reader, you may be familiar with the emerging  fintech called blockchain. We’ve written about it several times including regular updates to our primer on the subject. But its influence on B2B is undoubtedly worth probing deeper. Blockchain will not remain a purely fintech phenomenon and has set itself up for wider […]

B2B Solution of the Week: How your company should find its next employees

As we enter the New Year, B2B firms should do themselves and their potential employees a favor. Instead of extending out the hiring process looking for the “perfect” candidate, they should decide on one of the many “good” applicants who are ready and able to start working immediately. Because as Confucius, Shakespeare, Voltaire and others […]

Growth Marketing Conference: How to make Facebook advertising worth the ROI, for only a few dollars a day

You may have read about the man who used Uber, nearly got killed and still was charged $178.93. That man, Dennis Yu, chief technology officer at BlitzMetrics, presented at the recent Growth Marketing Conference in San Francisco’s Hotel Kabuki on how he targeted Uber on Facebook to get a refund and how his initiative can […]

B2B Solution of the Week: How your company can use omnichannel marketing to improve customer experiences

B2B buyers have changed. Shaped by their consumer expectations and enabled by technology, B2B buyers demand a consistent, personalized experience at every stage of the customer journey. Although B2B sellers have progressed developing digital touchpoints, most struggle to weave them into existing channels and create an engaging, seamless omnichannel customer experience. Using a recent report […]

Growth Marketing Conference: How Silicon Valley gurus and CMOs hack growth

Everyone in the B2B world has heard about proverbial Silicon Valley garage startups that grew into the likes of Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard and many other household names. But exactly how did those firm founders and first chief marketers do it? At the  Growth Marketing Conference in San Francisco, several successful entrepreneurs revealed the secrets of their […]

Growth Marketing Conference: ‘You have to do bigger, better things to hit revenue goals’

The term “growth marketing” or in some quarters “growth hacking” may not have a universally agreed upon definition, but its adherents adamantly believe that it works. On December 3, at the Growth Marketing Conference, in San Francisco’s Hotel Kabuki, the day’s opening panel session, “The Future of Growth Marketing: Tools, Strategies and Tactics” brought together […]

B2B Solution of the Week: How to avoid the pitfalls of ERP implementation

It’s the granddaddy of all B2B applications: enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Many flavors of ERP exist today on premises and in the cloud, however, they all share a level of implementation complexity fraught with danger. What can B2B practitioners do to ensure that their ERP implementations have a maximum chance of success? A number […]

Growth Marketing Conference: How to use content marketing to get new customers

At this week’s Growth Marketing Conference, December 3, in San Francisco’s Hotel Kabuki, quote-to-cash solution vendor Apttus offered key insights into marketing innovations as Maria Pergolino, the company’s global vice president of marketing, discussed how one of Silicon Valley’s latest billion-dollar unicorns has used content marketing to acquire new customers and “explode revenue,” as the organizers described the […]

B2B Solution of the Week: How companies use different metrics to determine customer satisfaction

Evaluating B2B customer relationships is tricky. Two of the most important tools at a company’s disposal are customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys and Net Promoter Score (NPS). While they might seem similar, they serve distinct purposes and using one or the other can make a difference in maintaining customer happiness and loyalty. This article will examine […]

B2B Solution of the Week: Integrating predictive analytics with larger enterprise software

There’s a lot of talk lately about predictive analytics, and undoubtedly it is starting to infiltrate the B2B software industry. In the last year plus Salesforce.com acquired RelateIQ and LinkedIn bought out Fliptop, making meaningful progress in this space. But how will they implement predictive analytics solutions within their larger B2B cloud ecosystems? What approaches […]

How to automate B2B back office for more efficient billing, invoicing

Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the B2B space face tighter margins than ever. For example, any “friction” in the Accounts Receivable function, such as the unaffordable manual process of submitting and collecting on invoices, can increase overhead and negatively impact the bottom line. However, B2B companies that automate this über slow invoicing process can […]

TractionSF Conference: Tips on turning data into B2B customer insights

One of the B2B startup world’s most entertaining presenters and intriguing thinkers, Peep Laja, CEO and founder of ConversionXL, delivered a fast-paced presentation—literally and figuratively—on how to turn customer data into insights and customers at the recent Traction Conference in San Francisco, where he and other experts presented concepts for more revenue and additional users. […]

TractionSF Conference: How to create a modern B2B customer experience

In the age of Mad Men, advertising anti-hero Don Draper ruled supreme. He knew almost on pure instinct what would influence purchasers. He didn’t carry the title of chief marketing officer (CMO) but he may as well have. Today, however, customer data drives marketing more so than ever. In fact, so much customer data accumulates from mobile […]

TractionSF Conference: Revenue growth tips for B2B companies

All companies are starved for growth. Startups. Public companies. B2B companies. That’s the hypothesis of Morgan Brown, co-author of Startup Growth Engines, a book of case studies on how successful startups unlock growth without traditional marketing. At the recent Traction Conference in San Francisco, Brown and many other speakers gathered to evangelize growth hacking and […]

Should B2B employees break from the shackles of intranet tools like SharePoint?

Private corporate networks (i.e., intranets) and their applications, such as SharePoint, Microsoft’s enterprise collaboration software, do not optimally serve mobile users, or so the premise goes. This keeps businesses from addressing the needs of an increasingly on-the-go workforce, which can lead to employee disengagement. According to a Gallup poll, employee disengagement can cost B2B companies […]