How Microsoft truly uses Spark and Cassandra for Big Data analytics

At the recent @Scale Conference in San Jose, Calif., leading figures and experts in computer engineering, coding and cloud computing gathered to share news, views, successes and failures of their profession. One of those experts, Arun Jayandra, software development lead at Microsoft, shared his experiences using Spark cluster computing and Cassandra database technologies for Big Data […]

How moving the RFP process to the cloud streamlines B2B procurement

Many B2B firms remain mired in the clunky, 20th century ritual of request for proposal (RFP) development, also called the request for information (RFI) process. While other B2B processes have been automated and moved to the cloud, RFPs are largely manual with content aggregated bit by bit and bound together in bulky three-ring binders. Fortunately, […]

How to increase opens, click-throughs in your email marketing campaigns

Since 2012, click-through rates (CTRs) for email marketing messages have flattened, according to research by And only 5 percent of B2B marketers cite electronic newsletters and email as highly effective top-of-funnel tactics, according to Forrester. So what can B2B marketers do to make email marketing more effective? What are the challenges and opportunities? B2B […]

What every B2B company needs to know about Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

As one of the latest communications technologies, software-defined networking (SDN) has the promise to revolutionize the way B2B firms deploy and manage business networks with full centralization, greater automation, more flexibility and reduced costs. However, there are also security, congestion, latency and SDN typology concerns to address. This primer looks at some of the key […]

How to measure effectiveness in B2B content marketing

An old saw from the construction trades—literally involving a saw—says to measure twice and cut once. Something similar yet different seems applicable to B2B content marketing. Except that in this case B2B content marketers must measure all the time and cut all the time. However, B2B campaigns measure after finishing the work. Then reworks the […]

Brian Solis on how to tell better brand stories without brand journalism

Terms like content marketing and more recently “brand journalism” have captured the attention of B2B marketers for some time. However, many people talk about brand journalism but nobody’s doing it. At least nobody’s doing it very well. That could be one of the takeaways  from last week’s Content Marketing Summit at LinkedIn, presented by Ragan Communications […]

How to use predictive analytics in B2B financial planning

At the recent Hub 15, the third annual Anaplan user conference, one of the more intriguing sessions B2BNN attended was presented by two consultants from Deloitte. During this session, Edward Majors, principal, Deloitte Consulting, and Vishnu Narins, manager, Deloitte Consulting, delivered a presentation and interactive demo on predictive analytics for the B2B financial planning process. In a […]

How to prevent client churn with customer success management

One of the key takeawyays from the Pulse 2015 conference in San Francisco last week was an insightful talk on how to prevent customer churn. Dave Moran, general manager of customer analytics for Marin Software, presented on his company’s learnings from taking advantage of customer success management. As an ad tech platform provider, Marin Software helps ad agencies […]

Pulse Conference 2015: How B2B companies can upsell customers with CSM

As morning turned into afternoon at day two of Gainsight’s third annual Pulse 2015 customer success management conference in San Francisco, attendees’ minds turned to aligning services and support for greater coverage. A three-person panel took on this subject from the different perspectives of the public domain, financial industry and the service sector. First up […]

Pulse Conference 2015: Moneyball’s Michael Lewis on business data, Box’s Dan Levin on a winning CSM

For the third annual Pulse 2015 customer success conference produced by Gainsight in San Francisco, Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball, was the key draw to the thousands in attendance. Drawing a parallel to his popular book about innovative uses of data in evaluating baseball major leaguers, he likened players to customers in keeping with the theme […]

How to make analytics work for your account-based marketing

At the second Annual Marketing Innovation Summit for B2B, organized and hosted by Demandbase, an advertising and personalization company, attendees learned key components to how a B2B firm can excel with an account-based marketing (ABM) approach.  Data is the top factor in such a strategy. B2B analytics are built on three pillars: visitor segments, website goals and content groups, according to […]