Beth Comstock GE

Three lessons from Beth Comstock, former vice-chair of General Electric

Beth Comstock was a keynote speaker at INBOUND2018 this week, Hubspot’s annual conference in Boston. Comstock is the former vice chair and Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer of GE. She’s best known as the person behind some of GE’s biggest innovations in the last decade, like Hulu. Her first book is called Imagine it Forward (due out Sept 18), […]

Inbound 2018 HubSpot

5 big messages from Hubspot’s INBOUND 2018

HubSpot’s annual marketing conference wrapped up on Friday.  With over 23,000 attendees, 300 sessions and half a dozen keynote and spotlight addresses (from Deepak Chopra to Alex Rodriguez), this year’s INBOUND 2018 event was bigger than ever.  While Hubspot doesn’t name an official theme for each year’s event, it becomes clear over the course of […]

B2B Marketing ProTips: 5 lessons companies can learn from the 2015 Canadian election

The Canadian election of 2015 will go down in the history books as an election to remember.  The New York Times is calling it a “stunning rout.”  What an incredible success for the Liberals, and a dizzying loss for both the Conservatives and NDP. The pundits are still analyzing, assessing, and debriefing what happened, and […]

B2B Marketing ProTips: 3 signs marketing automation won’t work for your company

After an amazing few days at INBOUND 2015, Hubspot’s annual flagship conference, I’ve come back with some insights about inbound marketing and marketing automation software. The marketing world is clearly heading in the marketing automation direction. There were 14,000 attendees at INBOUND! But that doesn’t make marketing automation tools right for every company. Full disclosure: […]

Lisa Shepherd

Book excerpt: The best advice every B2B marketer should follow

Check out the second excerpt B2Bnn is publishing of The Radical Sales Shift by Lisa Shepherd. In this section, thanks to interviews Lisa conducted with B2B marketers, learn how B2B marketers can support their initiatives with help from high-level executives. “Get support from the top.” It was the most common piece of advice the marketing […]

Book excerpt: The new B2B sales funnel is actually a pinball machine

Today we’re beginning a book excerpt series of Lisa Shepherd’s important new book on B2B success The Radical Sales Shift. In this excerpt, learn how the new sales funnel and pipeline is better reworked as a pinball machine. Many companies are finding that their traditional approach to generating revenue – namely through their sales team – […]