How CIOs Can Overcome Challenges In B2B Marketing

  To begin with, the chief information officer (CIO) manages an organization’s information and technology (IT) resources and oversees the processes involved in establishing strategies and implementing them.  CIOs should know and understand a business’ technological requirements that will deliver the best value. Currently, competent CIOs are in high demand because of the rapid rate […]

Cisco study shows Canadian orgs are slow to adopt security architectures

Cisco released today its second annual Security Outcomes Study, which reveals some of the greatest advantages and impediments organizations face to achieve cybersecurity success.  The study found that Canadian organizations are lagging in their adoption of security architectures, and as a result are at a greater disadvantage in protecting against attacks. Only 39.5% have a mature implementation of Zero […]

The best summer schools around the world

Participating in a summer school is an excellent way to boost a student’s CV and academic prospects. They can help students to stand out from other applicants as they gain extra qualifications, as well as a better understanding of their chosen subject area. Many summer schools are based in world-leading facilities and offer high-quality education […]


Why You Should Consider Outsourcing

Balancing daunting deadlines, family frenzies, paperwork pandemonium, and squeezing in a social life (much less getting enough sleep) isn’t easy for any career woman or a business owner.  Juggling personal and professional theatres in life presents a slew of challenges. If the daily grind is threatening to crush you into bits, it might be time […]