The importance of the greater data centric shift by B2B organizations as we produce data at a big pace

The shift to a more data centric approach

Why B2B organizations need to shift to a more data-centric approach Businesses are producing and analyzing data at a rapidly increasing rate. Whether it’s financial information, manufacturing and supply chain data, customer insights, or statistics from Internet-of-Things-enabled devices, data is generating new insights. The data-centric approach is creating new efficiencies and contributing to the bottom […]

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Over $550m raised in major fintech investment rounds last week

Data acquired by indicates that the top 25 fintech companies raised $554.17 million over the past week. Razorpay and Wealthsimple leads in funding From the data, the payment platform Razorpay raised the highest amount at $100 million to account for 18.04% of the amount raised by the companies. Wealthsimple raised the second-highest amount at […]

Top 5 Lessons Learned from Digital Transformation During the Pandemic

Since the pandemic took hold, the transition to digitally dependent remote workforces has become a way of life for businesses across the globe. Limits to what organizations thought they were capable of when it comes to digital transformation have been surpassed. Here are five lessons my team and I have learned that support digital transformation […]

In this new series of my encounters during post covid tech insights & experiences, we explore, how executives, entrepreneurs and other high achievers are navigating a new world of uncertainty, constant change, virtual switch, increased disconnection and isolation, and a new working reality. The virtual switch being the new focus for sustained productivity. For most of us, this is the biggest day to day change we’ve ever experienced. it. How is technology transition in the covid times helping us manage it? What is the importance of B2B in this new reality? How have our behaviours changed with respect to the tech changes and what is the true meaning pf post covid technology? Kicking us off is the best selling author and positioning goddess April Dunford.

April Dunford: My Post Covid Tech Experience

In this new series of my post COVID Tech experiences, we explore how executives, entrepreneurs and other high achievers are navigating a new world of uncertainty, a constant change, the virtual switch, an increased disconnection and isolation, and a new working reality.  The virtual switch being the new focus for sustained productivity. For most of […]

Content is Still King: Top B2B Marketing Strategies for 2021

2021 is just around the corner, and that means B2B marketers are hard at work analyzing the performance of their current programs to assess what worked and what didn’t this past year. Looking ahead, a few things are for sure—B2B companies are increasing their investments in digital marketing, and the percentage of budget allocated to […]

Harness the Power of Data Visualization for Your B2B Marketing Campaigns

Quality data is the backbone of a strong B2B marketing campaign. But most people struggle to take in data via boring spreadsheets, charts, and texts. About 65 percent of people are visual learners, which is why data visualizations are such an important part of marketing campaigns. Graphs featuring bright colors, pie charts, timelines, and other […]

B2B Case Studies

The Numerous Benefits of a Curated & Searchable B2B Case Study Database

By Jim Kelly, Founder of Industolutions Growing a B2B company – and securing new customers – isn’t easy.  Some of the biggest B2B marketing challenges include lead generation, lead quality, and new business development. B2B marketing has experienced significant changes recently, due to evolving customer demands, as well as many new options of tactics, tools, […]

Forrester B2B marketing certification

Forrester exec gives the 101 on its B2B marketing certification program

Last week Forrester said it was building upon its acquisition of SiriusDecisions by  launching a B2B certification program to help marketers gain alignment with sales and more successfully execute programs. With a course list that includes fundamentals and campaign planning, the program is based on SiriusDecisions research and will include personalization via a course advisor, […]

Think Do Say: How to seize attention and build trust in a busy, busy world.

How trust became a premium product (with an extremely short shelf life)

Not only is the customer completely exhausted from not knowing where to look, they’re absolutely fried trying to figure out whether the people and brands worthy of winning their time are also worthy of winning their budget. With so many options to choose from, distributed through so many new methods of delivery, supporting so many […]