How CIOs Can Overcome Challenges In B2B Marketing

  To begin with, the chief information officer (CIO) manages an organization’s information and technology (IT) resources and oversees the processes involved in establishing strategies and implementing them.  CIOs should know and understand a business’ technological requirements that will deliver the best value. Currently, competent CIOs are in high demand because of the rapid rate […]

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B2B News for Wednesday, December 15, 2021: Prediction from Commvault, ERP Launch, Just Boardrooms Launches

What do B2B enterprises have to look forward to in 2022? Today’s prediction comes from Don Foster, Global Vice President of Sales Engineering at Commvault. Forster thinks data integrity fire drills are on the way.  These drills will test the strength, resilience, and speed of their cyber defense and disaster recovery processes and solutions.   Corporate leaders […]

Cisco study shows Canadian orgs are slow to adopt security architectures

Cisco released today its second annual Security Outcomes Study, which reveals some of the greatest advantages and impediments organizations face to achieve cybersecurity success.  The study found that Canadian organizations are lagging in their adoption of security architectures, and as a result are at a greater disadvantage in protecting against attacks. Only 39.5% have a mature implementation of Zero […]

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B2B News for Thursday, December 2, 2021: Canadian Online Publishing Awards, Materials & Chemical Sector in Review, Price Increase Announcement Trend Continues

B2BNN has been named a finalist in the 2021 Canadians Online Publishing Awards (COPAs). Started in 2009 as an industry showcase of the best digital content creators in the magazine and newspaper industries, the COPAs have become the largest Digital Publishing Awards Program in Canada covering Academic, B2B, B2C and News/Sports media with a mandate to […]

How Many Employees Should Your Startup Have?

Angling for a Promotion? Canadian? LinkedIn’s latest report says these factors matter

Can the role a person holds influence their odds of getting a promotion? How about their industry or their address? It turns out all these factors can influence how likely Canadians are to be promoted, according to new data from LinkedIn’s latest Get Ahead Special Report. LinkedIn investigated internal promotion rates compared to the national average […]

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B2B News for Tuesday, November 30, 2021: Make Investment Decisions According to Your Circadian Rhythm, Dreary Business Outlook, Clean Tech Startup Conference

The press releases for mergers and acquisitions today are all about regulatory investigations. The same company is investigating all of them. The tech news is all about lab grown diamond innovations, implantable drug delivery mechanisms, and so many new crypto currencies that they are all boring. Just in case you were wondering, having the patience […]

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B2B News for Wednesday, November 24, 2021: American Thanksgiving & Supply Chain Management, Kwayga Replicates Food & Drink Trade Shows, Sustainalytics Launches SCM Tool

In case you haven’t heard, things are tough for supply chain managers and their teams. “The pandemic has caused disruptions to our global supply chain on many levels, impacting transportation, reducing production and causing shortages in raw materials, products and workers, and it’s not just a one-time hit but with lingering effects,” said Weihong Guo […]

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B2B News for Friday, November 19, 2021: New Fulfillment Solution, Construction Projects & Cost Management Issues, More Supply Chain Disruption

Working in partnership, Project Verte and Manifest Commerce have launched a B2B sustainable fulfilment solution. Manifest offers fulfillment solutions that enable retailers to run high-powered, omnichannel logistics in a sustainable, socially responsible way while Verte’s technology solutions enable real-time supply chain visibility with a data-driven platform that centralizes information to increase transparency into the supply […]

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B2B News for Tuesday, November 16, 2021: Motor City Renaissance, Gamification on a Diet, International Payments Get Easier

Is the Motor City renaissance on its way? Detroit is the WirelessCar has announced the opening of the company’s new U.S. office in Detroit, Michigan. The move will better serve its top OEM customers in the U.S. and to expand strategic partnerships and focus on strategic talent acquisition and recruitment with immediate employment opportunities. WirelessCar has worked […]

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B2B News for Friday, November 12, 2021: Endeavor Acquires 3DX Media, Diversity in Cybersecurity, Vizetto Releases Reactiv SUITE PRO

Today, we cover an acquisition, the launch of a new training program, and a remote-work version of a software suite. They have in common improvements, some might say minor improvements, to established processes. All of them come, in some way, from the new realities of remote work and virtual methodologies for changing up our physical […]

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B2B News for Wednesday, November 10, 2021: Marketers Need Goals & Objectives, Miraki Acquires Octobat, Knak Gets Funding

Communications is everything. One misspoken word, whether from the top, middle or bottom ranks, and an entire business plan can be derailed. Not that it is easy to get it right all the time. According to the results of Plannuh’s Operational Marketing Index (OMI) survey, only 18% of marketers say they excel at building a […]

Beyond the Password: What SMBs Need to Know about Cybersecurity

By Jo-Ann Smith With the pandemic-driven shift to digital-first, small businesses are facing a big problem. As businesses of all sizes transitioned into virtual ways of working seemingly overnight, hackers and bad actors were at play, prompting businesses of various levels, sizes and industries to make data and infrastructure security a higher priority. However, as […]