Open To Think excerpt b2b

The open mind B2B leaders need to self-evaluate their thinking processes

When we think we are using our mind to actively form or connect an idea. But there is more to the word think. Thinking is also an approach, a possibility, a deliberation, an opinion, or an attitude. It can even be a belief or a conclusion.  Let’s first contemplate the act of thinking. Thinking can happen in parallel. […]

Malcolm Gladwell Enterprise World 2018 Open Text

Malcolm Gladwell uses a B2B firm founder’s story to explain his new theory on decision-making

Malcolm Gladwell may not understand the finer points of enterprise information management and other areas in which a company like Open Text specializes, but he’s spent enough time studying economics and history to offer some advice on how business leaders could make smart choices in what he called the “turmoil of the digital age.” Speaking […]