B2B Solution of the Week: Trends and Successes in Martech Stack Building

With the recent and rumored announcements by B2B marketing and data analytics providers for cloud solutions that will build on top of Salesforce, Oracle and other SaaS platforms, the multi-relationship model of martech stack-building exists in high relief. And while vendors may be pushing a multi-relationship model, marketers may want to think carefully before pursuing […]

The Thinker

B2B Solution of the Week: Rethinking use cases for marketing automation

Since the marketing automation category of B2B applications came of age in the early 2000s, emphasis has remained on its demand generation function for many companies. However, use cases have emerged that take the solution into new spheres, according to research by Act-On Software, a provider of marketing automation to fast-growing businesses and corporate divisions. […]


Apttus Brings ‘Quote-to-Cash’ Functionality to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The world of CRM just got more interesting. Apttus, one of the leading if not the leading “quote-to-cash” application on Salesforce, today has announced the Apttus Intelligent Cloud that will bring its functionality to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the second most popular customer relationship management platform. B2B users of Microsoft Dynamics will now be able to […]

App Party 2

The B2B App Party: CRM, in the field apps & order management

It happens ten minutes into every after-party at every convention center where attendees and vendors gather. First one small group starts and then, suddenly, everyone’s doing it. It’s the great app comparison conversation and it’s a feature of B2B community culture. To compile our list of the current most popular B2B applications, B2B News Network based […]

App Party 1

The B2B App Party: Presentations, artificial legal intelligence & electronic signatures

Consider this list a cocktail conversation kick-starter for the after-party at the convention center. To compile our list of the current most popular B2B applications, in no particular order, B2B News Network based its judgment on industry participant input and software analyst expertise across six categories. We’ll report our results over the next two days. […]


B2B Solution of the Week: How enterprises can monetize data

Running a B2B company has its challenges. Competition remains intense, profit margins are too thin and the top line has plateaued. How can B2B find secondary revenue sources? The answer could lie in part within business intelligence (BI) data monetization. “Data monetization is an increasingly popular trend among B2B enterprises,” says Ramon Chen, chief marketing […]


FlipMyFunnel Roadshow: Make accounts love that you’re targeting them

Learning to target accounts and make the target love it was how B2B News Network closed coverage of the FlipMyFunnel Roadshow. The session in San Francisco, Feb. 25, was presented by Eric Spett, CEO of Terminus, account-based marketing provider and organizer of the conference, and Tyler Lessard, CMO of Vidyard, a personalized video marketing vendor. […]

Needles at FMF

FlipMyFunnel Roadshow: Creating a demand generation engine with account-based marketing

As part of the FlipMyFunnel Roadshow in San Francisco, Feb. 25, one of the first sessions put the focus on creating a demand generation engine with account-based marketing (ABM). Together, Ken Wincko, senior vice president, marketing, PRNewswire, and Adam Needles, chief strategy officer, ANNUITAS, a B2B demand strategy firm, discussed how the online news service […]


B2B Solution of the Week: Inside the future of predictive analytics

If you visit 6sense, a predictive analytics provider for sales and marketing, in San Francisco, you might expect that a converted Victorian house or a gleaming office tower will house the B2B startup. However, 6sense and its founder and CEO Amanda Kahlow aspire to humbler external trappings, choosing a converted warehouse/loft off an alley across […]

B2B Solution of the Week: SalesforceIQ CRM launched for SMBs

Everyone in the B2B space knows about Salesforce and how it revolutionized the cloud computing industry in general and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions in particular. Even given that, Salesforce still tends to mostly exist in the technology stacks of the larger B2B companies. However, that’s starting to change. Salesforce recently […]


B2B Solution of the Week: Why B2B should ditch legacy payment networks

The best B2B firms are flat and nimble. They do business at 21st century speeds. So why do they hamstring themselves by accepting payments through 20th-century legacy networks such as Visa and MasterCard that overcharge for their services? These networks and their associated processing partners require transaction charges of up to 3.5 percent, startup assessments, minimum […]