B2B Solution of the Week: Salesforce Ecosystem

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While Salesforce continues to chart growth in uncharted territory as the standard-bearer of the cloud computing revolution, it also brings along the participants in its CRM ecosystem. So many other companies build their own solutions in one way or another on the Salesforce platform. This week seemed a watershed with a number of significant announcements. A roundup of some of the most newsworthy follow.

FinancialForce ERP financial services communities

FinancialForce, a cloud ERP provider on Salesforce, rolled out its FinancialForce Professional Services Communities solution, a social project management platform for professional services organizations (PSOs), their customers and partners. Built on the Salesforce Community Cloud, Professional Services Communities enables organizations to break down communication barriers between customers, partners and subcontractors, and gain deeper, real-time visibility into projects for a more unified service experience, according to the company. This allows services professionals to more effectively collaborate with project stakeholders and focus on more impactful work, instead of using emails to provide status updates and time-consuming, administrative tasks. FinancialForce Professional Service Communities enables capabilities including document sharing, social collaboration and community branding.

Invoca omnichannel and sales call solution

Invoca, a call intelligence company, announced Invoca for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a new platform that enables enterprise marketers to create an omnichannel customer journey based on both digital and offline phone interactions, according to the company. With this new solution, enterprise marketers can create a personalized and consistent customer journey by delivering call intelligence across the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, including Journey Builder, Audience Builder, Email Studio and Data Extensions, according to Invoca. It lets marketers capitalize on phone calls, while adding rich new insights to improve the customer journey. For example, they can get data about who clicked and called from an email campaign and use those insights to improve segmentation, personalization and omnichannel journeys. The result is a customer experience that’s one-to-one and personalized based on individual level data like who called and whether they purchased.

Radius predictive marketing platform

Radius, a B2B predictive marketing platform integrated with Salesforce, expanded its marketing solution to serve B2B enterprise marketers. With this introduction, Radius, which built its solution initially to help customers like Sam’s Club reach SMBs, now offers predictive capabilities to assist companies in reaching enterprise buyers. Using what it calls Radius Business Graph, a proprietary data cloud that the company says contains in excess of 50 billion dynamic business signals on more than 18 million U.S. companies, the Radius solution can help companies conduct predictive customer acquisition to segment the most likely targets to convert; predictive prioritization to rank prospects according to signals such as product technologies in use, social presence, firmographics, recent trigger events and third-party indications of intent to purchase; and account-based marketing to build account lists for specific tactics critical to B2B sales-marketing alignment.

Full Circle Insights campaign attribution

Full Circle Insights released Full Circle Campaign Attribution, a marketing analytics solution that provides data-driven marketers with the intelligence to make budget decisions by measuring their campaigns’ performance and impact on revenue, all inside Salesforce, according to the company. With this solution, marketers can implement single-touch models, multi-touch models or advanced models with custom weightings and custom variables—including job function, campaign type, time spent on marketing content and offline actions, according to the company. To maximize the product’s attribution modeling, its functionalities were built to optimize on-the-fly, including side-by-side attribution cross-compare, campaign-to-revenue correlation and with a detailed drill-down capability, according to Full Circle.

Image credit: Jon Evans

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Derek Handova

Derek Handova

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