Tuesday, June 18, 2024

3 Monday B2B stories: a diverse speakers’ bureau, content marketing habits

It’s a polar-vortex-kickoff kind of Monday! Three stories to warm you up this morning:

1. Keynotes and events: There’s no longer a reason why you can only find white guys to speak at your conferences: introducing FRESHSpeakers. Check out this Fast Company profile.

2. Content marketing: Every audience is different, but there are some great guidelines and interesting data points on types, formats, timing in this Kapost study on B2B content marketing preferences. From customerthink.com

3. Innovation: The rapidity with which dev(elopment) is becoming op(eration)s in some companies is astounding. The new competitive advantage? When a quarter of IT leaders remain unaware of DevOps, yes.

Image: It looks like a flower at first glance, but it’s a piece of jewelry, crafted through technology. A reminder that technology doesn’t always look the way we expect it to; innovation can look like a flower, or a fourteen year old Afghani girl, or a more efficient way of validating cryptocurrency transactions, or a discussion in a classroom at Stanford.


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