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5 brands you should follow on Instagram to learn valuable B2B lessons

Last updated on September 17th, 2020 at 10:56 am

According to the Competitive Intelligence Blog , only 19 percent of B2B brands use Instagram. And when it comes to marketers, 22 percent have jumped on the photo-friendly bandwagon. The reason? Instagram is still considered a B2C-centric platform.

Nothing could be further from the truth, though. Some B2B companies have been able to stand out on Instagram, thanks to a strategy based on behind-the-scenes peeks into daily operations and new products. They post content that speaks to their customers, brings transparency to the forefront. Tailor your photos to our audience, and don’t just see Instagram as another Twitter or Facebook.

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Here are five brands that you should follow on Instagram in order to learn from their everyday posts.


While Intel does not have as many followers as other major companies in its category, it still is in a league of its own. And it is quite the achievement, considering what it sells: semiconductor chips.

The Instagram account is full of creative photos and videos that give mirror the “Look Inside” philosophy behind the company. From close-ups to nature shots and employees in action, every item makes clever use of the description area, including hashtags. As a viewer, you look forward to the next upload.

Photo examples:

Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to have a little fun because it’s a great way to build trust and awareness. Even someone not interested in technology can learn a thing or two looking at Intel’s posts.



Why should a B2B brand follow Adobe on Instagram? Because the company has mastered the art of letting others tell its story.

The social media team uploads two types of content: user-generated and employees’ posts. The former is particularly interesting as it gives consumers a good idea of what they can achieve should they use Adobe products.

Followers interested in learning more about what happens within the company should check out the re-shared employees’ posts.

Photo examples:

Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to go against the grain. Your best assets are your audience and staff. With their help, you can build a solid presence.



WestJet uses Instagram to show off “photos and videos of our destinations, aircraft and airline operations.” Nothing surprising here, since it’s an airline.

However, WestJet made it to this list because its profile stays true to its people-first approach. Anyone who flies with the Canadian airline is called a “guest”. And this is the experience you get when browsing through the posts.

Despite the fact that many of the videos are ads for destinations where Westjet flies, they always are positive and have an emotional appeal. It’s about making you feel good, which is a trademark of the company.

Photo examples:

Takeaway: Remember, your customers, whether they are individuals or brands, want an unforgettable experience. If you can replicate that with your Instagram posts, you will win their hearts. And social media engagement.



With almost 181,000 followers, General Electric’s Instagram account is like an interactive guided tour. You get a glimpse of manufacturing facilities, the machine building process, and the way the technology impacts customers. The strategy aligns with the objectives highlighted in its bio: “GE works around the clock and across the globe to build, power, move and cure the world.”

One thing that makes GE stand out on Instagram, is the use of exclusive content. The result is an experience tailored to the expectations of its Instagram followers.


Photo examples:

Takeaway: Each social media platform serves a specific purpose. Use that to your advantage. You will serve your audience better.



When it comes to customer service software, Zendesk should get an A+ for its Instagram presence.

The account features pictures and videos of staff members at work and at play, and occasional announcements. It also posts encouraging tips for customers in the form of visually appealing quotes and humorous content.

Photo examples:

Takeaway: Provide a snapshot of your company culture and behind-the-scenes life to improve customer relationships and brand affinity. This is perfect outlook if you are recruiting as well.


So which other B2B brands rock Instagram? And why do you think that is?


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  1. Very nice Cendrine, I just followed all five. I’m the same way, I try to learn from the pros by following. Another one I like is Starbucks. 

    I was listening to a podcast with Guy Kawasaki yesterday and he said we should create images to share on social media that makes others want to share it. I know that’s not exactly how Instagram works but still solid advice. I’m going to start applying that myself. For example, I’ve been resizing my blog post’s featured images and sharing that. I get a lot of compliments on the images  but they’re not something that others would feel compelled to share (or like on Instagram).

  2. HotBlogTips Hello Brian, thank you for your comment!

    Like you, I love Starbucks. I think they rock pretty much every social media platform they use!

    Yes, shareable images matter so much nowadays. If they appeal to people, they will “bring them” everywhere they go.


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