The Lego tool that saved a business…and expanded it

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Lego cures all.

One of the consequences of our device-obsessed world is RSI, or repetitive stress injury. But for artisan small business owners who are often performing the same tasks repeatedly this can be a career-killing injury.

When Lynn Wyminga of Lynn’s Lids fell victim to a shoulder injury right before a big show, she invested in a plastic motorized tool that would allow her to perform the repetitive, wool-pulling action that allowed her to create the textile consistency she needs for her design.

But it broke. Then it broke again. And then it broke for a third time in seven months. This time husband Owen Lewery was unable to repair it and her hat and textile art business, which recently had its best month ever at nearly $6,000 in revenue, was in jeopardy.

Ingenious husband Owen back to the rescue. Unable to find something sturdy enough to fix the plastic tool that would hold up to the use, he thought about the comparative indestructability of everyone’s favourite Danish toy. The result? Check out the amazing video below, now an indispensable part of Wyminga’s business, allowing her to not only keep up with show demand but expand her output. And did she ever wow her fellow artisans!

In Action:

Lynn’s Story:

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