View from the VC Side: Allen Lau’s Two Small Fishes Ventures launches

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The early success of Wattpad is something Allen Lau has attributed to a strong focus on community.

So it was not surprising that the announcement of Allen’s new seed fund included not only his desire to contribute to the community that supported him, but an orientation toward companies with a strong network effect. He and wife Eva launched Two Small Fish Ventures, last week by announcing they were participating in Gallup Labs’ seed round. The fund will focus on early stage Internet startups with growth-geared network effects.

This is a trend we love to see. Experienced tech entrepreneurs often have the best lens for blue ocean market opportunities, they know how to scale, and have the ability to truly be a value added investor. Congratulations to Allen, Eva and Two Small Fish, looking forward to coinvesting!

Blog post announcing the launch of Two Small Fish Ventures.

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Marcus Daniels

Marcus Daniels

Marcus Daniels is the CEO and co-founder of Highline, Canada's premier and most successful high growth startup accelerator.



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