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Stop just collecting customer feedback. Do something with it!

Last updated on July 24th, 2015 at 10:28 am

Businesses understand that measuring the quality of the customer relationship is important, as well as finding out why our loyal customers are happy. Yet if it looks like we’re not doing anything with that information, clients are loathe to give it.

Whitney Wood of the Phelon Group, a consultancy that focuses on helping companies better relations with customers, says, “To establish and maintain a healthy flow, customer feedback must result in change your customers can see. Change is the most powerful currency to reward vocal and consultative customers.

Here are four ways that you can let your customers know they’re being heard, and that you’re doing something with their feedback.

  1. Create a case study to highlight success stories based on customer feedback that’s been acted upon. Stories that impact customers directly are great, but don’t forget about those internal stories as well. It’s always good to let customers peak “behind the curtain” of your business. You’ll create a closer bond with your customers this way. Publish the case studies on your website so everyone can read them. Create a series of blog posts about the activities you undertook based on the feedback, and then point to the case study as a download.
  1. Summarize feedback you gathered previously.
    This is especially useful in advisory boards and live feedback sessions. Begin each meeting with a summary of the feedback from previous meeting, and then finish with action items taken based on the feedback.
  2. Develop a “listening attitude” in each survey you send out.
    Remind survey respondents that you heard them in the previous survey, that you’re taking action to fix what was broken, and that you appreciate their kudos and kind words on what is working. This type of attitude encourages them to continue filling out surveys, regardless of how many they’ve done for you before.
  3. Have your executive team join the conversation.
    Here’s your chance to get your CEO or other top executive involved in some customer outreach. Record short videos of him/her talking about what feedback they’ve received, highlight the positive, explain the negative, and explain how the business is addressing the most pressing feedback item. Customers always love seeing how accountable their vendors are, and hearing it directly from the leadership gives it more authority. Also, read the B2BNN report on why CEOs should be tweeting.

Regular communication about what you’re doing with customer feedback is an invaluable business tool. It increases your credibility with customers, reminding them that they are important to you. Any B2B firm needs that kind of engagement. You appreciate the time they take to give you the feedback, as you know it’s valuable to them.

What creative ways have you seen or experienced that shows customers the impact they have on the business? How are you showing your appreciation to your customers that give you feedback? Let us know in the comments.

Photo via Flickr user Tim Pierce


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