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Will Google’s new DoubleClick Audience Center help advertisers better target their ads?

Last updated on April 26th, 2015 at 08:37 pm

Google is already a major player in the world of digital advertising, but it’s about to get bigger. Adweek reports that it’s now testing a data management platform which will act as an all-in-one product for its DoubleClick advertising services.

The new product is called DoubleClick Audience Center. It will help connect brands to people more effectively, and allow advertisers to better target their ads.

DoubleClick is Google’s digital ad service offering tools for advertisers, publishers, and networks. Its ad exchange platform acts as a marketplace connecting advertisers to publishers with ad space to sell, and its ad server technology delivers those ads to sites, and monitors their performance. DoubleClick uses cookies to track user behaviors by collecting data on what ads are sent, when and where they appear, and the IP address of the viewer. All data is kept anonymous, but since it logs IP addresses it can make a good guess at the location of the viewer.

The Audience Center platform will be available to all DoubleClick users, and right now Google is testing its data management capabilities. Facebook is Google’s largest competitor in the digital advertising space with 1.4 billion users, but Google has tremendous data assets of its own with the likes of Gmail, YouTube, Google search, and a network of 1 billion Android users.

Audience Center isn’t the only recent advance Google has made into digital advertising. The search company recently announced that it will be making TrueView, a service currently only available with AdWords, available on the DoubleClick bid manager. TrueView allows advertisers to display video ads where the viewer has the choice to watch it or not, and the advertisers are charged on a cost-per-view basis.

Eight-five percent of the in-stream video ads on YouTube are TrueView ads, and two-thirds of them provide positive results. A number of big name brands such as Netflix and Nestle are testing TrueView on DoubleClick and so far the results have been good.

Google will also be integrating mDialog’s OTT TV inventory to DoubleClick Ad Exchange. The company was acquired last summer, but only now is Google finally merging it with its digital advertising suite.


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