Dell is stepping up its data analytics game

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Dell recently announced a new partnership in Brazil that aims to create a pool of people with skills in data analysis. Statsoft, a Dell subsidiary that was acquired last year with Datawatch, is now working with the Insituto Data Science to provide in-person and online training courses. A number of public universities and corporations have already been chosen to participate.

Dell wants to recruit roughly 1000 people a month to the new program. The courses will cover four key areas: process vision, IT structures, analytics and data mining, and business strategies. The overall goal is to help companies increase revenue and profits while lowering operating costs by facilitating a more tech savvy workforce.

The computing giant is doing a lot more than that to increase its prescience in the data analytics space. With the Datawatch partnership Dell is bringing better interactive visualizations and dashboarding capabilities to its Statistica data analytics platform. The integration, which has been going on for a year now, should make Statistica more appealing to business analysts. Until now, the platform was aimed mainly at researchers and academics but now Dell hopes to make it available to a much wider user base.

Kitenga, a major data analytics platform, has also been integrated into Statistica as a module. Other integrations include Dell’s Toad and Boomi products. All these new additions mean that Statistica users can be connected to over 164 data sources including Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and Hadoop. Dell is following a two-year long roadmap in rolling out all these new integrations with the goal of making the platform easier to use, and more seamless.

The cloud is also one of the prime areas that the computing company wants to dig deeper into as well. According to a recent report, “Analytics and Business Intelligence in the Cloud” 36.5 percent of projects where an advanced analytics platform was used to manage cloud data included Dell Statistica, a higher value than any other platform in the study.

As it continues to follow its two-year roadmap we can expect to see Dell rising up as one of the big data analytics players in Brazil, and beyond.

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