Infographic: B2B e-commerce sales to reach $1.1 trillion by 2020

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This staggering stat should encourage  B2B firms with an e-commerce strategy. The infographic with the figure of B2B e-commerce revenue reaching $1.1 trillion US by 2020 comes courtesy research firm Sullivan, but they also included some other key findings.

In a survey, 94 percent of B2B buyers wanted to know where and how to make an immediate purchase. The key word here is immediate; B2B marketers should realize many buyers are under tight deadline and need product or services ASAP, and an online offering shouldn’t confuse visitors on how to get those products right away.

Also, 92 percent of respondents wanted to see the product in action before buying. Do you have a strong video or visual component to your e-commerce strategy?

But backing up a bit, how do those buyers learn about business products in the first place? The infographic reveals 51 percent discovered those products via corporate websites, and 47 percent get the info from salespeople. It’s interesting to note social media plays a minimal role, with 24 percent of buyers saying they learned of new products via social.

View the infographic below:


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