Hashtag Team: When B2B marketing can ‘drive itself, best social networks for B2B advertising

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What’s new this week about B2B on Twitter? In the latest column of B2B News Network’s Hashtag Team report, compiled using the cutting-edge social analysis platform Nexalogy, we examine how to use lead scoring and predictive analytics to make better B2B marketing decisions. We also learn which social media sites are best for B2B advertising, and we feature a podcast on how to get your B2B marketing into “self-driving” mode.

If you’d like more Hashtag team coverage, check out last week’s report by Sarah Dawley. We’ll be back next week with more buzzworthy tweets, articles, infographics and more.


 B2B Big Data:

Madison Logic SVP Thomas Koletas details two ways to utilize data to better inform B2B marketing strategies. First, lead scoring adds years of sales knowledge to collected data to qualify leads and determine the appropriate allocation of resources. Second, predictive analytics combines structured and unstructured data, algorithms and other information to forecast behavioral intent. Koletas concludes: “Companies that use lead scoring and predictive analytics see superior results from their marketing campaigns.”

B2B Advertising:

Hub Spot’s Olivia Allen investigates the best social media networks for your B2B advertising. Each of the major social media sites has its strengths and weaknesses, and Allen named her top four as:

Facebook: With nearly 1.2 billion users, Facebook scored big points for having the largest audience. But a major ‘con’ for B2B marketers is Facebook’s small and undeveloped advertising infrastructure and reach.

Google+: Despite a relative lack of engagement, Google’s social network benefits from a decided SEO edge.

Twitter: Although targeting by interest isn’t easy on Twitter, the site does allow marketers to target people based on their current interests. Twitter also enables targeting the followers of industry influencers.

LinkedIn: Expect low ad CTR and less overall clicks, but the site’s emphasis on business professionals means your ads are almost always seen by business-minded people like yourself. This translates into high conversion rates and a distinct advantage over other social networks.

B2B Social Media:

Social media is increasing its role in the B2B buying process. eMarketer notes how social media-savvy sales reps are 6.7 times more likely to exceed quotas than those with basic or no social experience, and that nearly two-thirds of B2B sales professionals reported they have closed at least one deal thanks to social media use.

As the importance of social grows, engagement with customers and prospects via social networks could help B2B salespeople meet and exceed their quotas.


B2B Podcasts:  

Mintigo CEO Jacob Shama explores how to get your B2B marketing to “drive itself,” comparing the future of B2B marketing technology to a “full scale self-driving car that actually manages your entire funnel from first touch to conversion and then later from conversion to customer management.” Shama proposes a new paradigm for marketing technology—B2B+B2C=B2P, or business to person marketing.

B2B Infographics:

This infographic on email marketing statistics and trends reveals 88 percent of B2B marketers consider email the most effective lead generation tactic, with mobile clicks accounting for nearly 40 percent of all email clicks. Email is also 40 times more successful than Facebook or Twitter for acquiring new clients.


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