Hashtag Team: Get B2B marketing to ‘drive itself’ + how to rock Instagram

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It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for B2B News Network’s weekly Hashtag Team report. As we do every week, we bring you noteworthy news from the B2B Twitterverse, sorted and sifted using the cutting-edge social analysis platform Nexalogy.

In this edition, we bring you an analysis of some of the top reasons why your B2B content marketing is failing, a podcast on how you can get your B2B marketing to “drive itself,” an infographic on improving demand generation, and more.

B2B Marketing

Why is your B2B content marketing failing? Mod Girl Marketing founder and president Mandy McEwen examines eight reasons why, starting with a sobering statistic: In 2015, only 38 percent of B2B marketers rated themselves as “effective” at content marketing, down from 42 percent in 2014.<

Topping the list of reasons for failure is lack of strategy. Less obvious causes include a lack of consistency, failure to measure results, overly egocentric content and failure to include calls to action. Doing what everyone else is doing and failure to connect with compelling stories round out McEwen’s list.

B2B Social Media

Which B2B brands are rocking Instagram? Aaron Taube acknowledges the challenges B2B companies face due to a lack of recognizable physical products, but lists five companies that have been able to use the popular social network to their advantage.

  • MailChimp posts attention-grabbing photos to give followers an inside look at what goes on inside the company.


  • WeWork shares photos of its rather opulent Seattle headquarters, giving followers a chance to imagine themselves in an elegant WeWork office of their own.



  •  CBRE flips the rather boring world of commercial real estate into something much more exciting by sharing photos and fun facts about landmark skyscrapers and other buildings, including both those it owns and others it doesn’t.



  • Boeing’s Instagram account is an airplane buff’s dream, showcasing the aviation giant’s latest and greatest planes in a variety of exciting actions.



  • Dolby Laboratories takes followers behind the scenes at entertainment events including E3 and South by Southwest (SXSW), entertaining and educating users about the role its cutting-edge audio technologies play in making some of their favorite video games and movies.



B2B Podcasts


Mintigo CEO Jacob Shama shares tips on how to get your B2B marketing to “drive itself,” starting with the formula B2B+B2C=B2P, or business to person—the new paradigm of marketing technology. Knowing your customers’ DNA is key.

B2B Infographic

Lori Alcala at CMS Wire shares three ways to improve demand generation, noting that only 2 percent of marketers believe they have a highly effective demand generation strategy. A survey of 213 B2B and hybrid marketers identified best practices and insight into demand generation strategies, including siloed content creation, matching audiences with the right content and effectively measuring content performance.

B2B News Network’s Hashtag Team will return next Wednesday with a post from Sarah Dawley. In the meantime, if you can’t get enough of this Twitterverse content, check out Sarah’s last post here.

Flickr photo via Creative Commons, via user Eve Fannon 
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