Twitter adds new analytics tool to help brands learn what users are saying about them

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Twitter announced a new suite of analytics tools to helps advertisers “quickly understand their brand’s share of conversation, key audiences, and trends about their brand’s conversation,” as a blog post states.

Brand Hub offers metrics that help marketers glean insights from real-time conversations about their firm.

First Twitter unveiled TrueVoice, its proprietary analytic that lets brands track real-time share of conversations. This figure is found by looking at the tweets around both a client’s brand and its competitor’s before identifying the percentage of impressions focused on the client’s brand.

Via Twitter blog post:
Via Twitter blog post:


The blog post notes how a new audience view displays high-level insights about the users actively talking about a brand on Twitter, including details about their gender, location, income levels, occupation types, and other key demographic attributes.

The post goes on to add: “It also highlights key influencers Tweeting about your brand. These details are derived from Twitter data and Twitter Official Partners, and are shown in aggregate to provide you with actionable insights while keeping individual user information private.”

Finally a “conversation details” tool lets a brand manager see how many impressions her brand received over time, how many Tweets mentioned the brand or product, along with the top phrases mentioned in conjunction with the brand. Also available are breakouts on key topics such as brand loyalty, purchase intent, and more.

The new Brand Hub is available for select large brand advertisers and medium-sized businesses within English-speaking countries. Translation: You might not be able to access right away, but if you work for a company already heavily advertising on Twitter, you may be in luck to be one of the few to first try out Brand Hub.



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