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The top 10 Big Data influencers you need to follow on Twitter

Last updated on September 14th, 2015 at 12:44 pm

We all know Big Data is well on its way to transforming the art of marketing into a science. But who are the analytics influencers on social media dishing out the insight and tips you’ll want to RT?

We compiled a list of the top 10 must-follow Twitter profiles of those who lead the conversation on the intersection of B2B and Big Data.


Kristine Vick, B2B digital marketer, @SASanalytics

Kristine Vick is the Digital Marketing Head of SAS Analytics, one of the high-profile companies in the frontline of promoting Big Data and its positive impacts on business. She tweets a mix of her insights on B2B marketing and analytics through great analytical stories and successes. Her feed is filled with links to useful articles about data analytics, predictive marketing, and how to use Big Data to find comparative business advantage.



Marcus Borba, CTO, Spark


Marcus Borba is the CTO for Spark, a business consultant, and a Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT) Member. His passion for Big Data and business intelligence shines through his tweets. His feed is stacked with visualizations of complex concepts like the Internet of Things (IoT) and several incarnations of NoSQL. These visualizations are meant to teach these ideas which are increasingly influencing the way business is done today.


Lillian Pierson, Author, Data Science for Dummies

Her handle says it all: Lillian Pierson is big on Big Data. She has helped thousands understand data through her book Data Science for Dummies. A quick peek at her Twitter feed will give you enough reading for the day as she links to a bevy of informative articles, from news clips on the latest companies taking advantage of Big Data, to helpful blog posts from influencers in both the data science and business space.



Doug Henschen , Tech analyst, @ConstellationRG

Inside the @apple @cisco alliance. What it means for enterprises? Is @boxhq next? #boxworks #GSX #CoIT #digitalbiz http://t.co/bX0nAu20C8 — Doug Henschen (@DHenschen) September 4, 2015

It’s no surprise that Doug Henschen makes the list as he is one of the loudest cheerleaders of Big Data through his executive editor post at InformationWeek. He tweets links to his articles covering the marriage of enterprise applications and Big Data analytics. Before joining InformationWeek, Doug was the editor-in-chief of Intelligent Enterprise and Transform Magazine. With experience in reporting and writing about data-driven marketing, you are sure to pick up a lesson or two in enterprise-level B2B techniques from the perspective of a data enthusiast.


Merv Adrian, Analyst, Gartner

Merv Adrian is a resident analyst at Gartner, one of the world’s leading IT research and advisory companies. He is also one of the most active Tweeters on this list. Unlike other influencers, his feed is almost linkless, filled with mostly his <140-character thoughts. Merv engages his followers, answering questions and clarifying incorrect assumptions about Big Data.


Svetlana Sicular, Analyst, Gartner

Svetlana Sicular is the Research Director at Gartner. Her tweets show her command of both the language of data and business. Having worked extensively with Fortune 500 companies, she is considered an influencer in IT, business leadership, enterprise-level product management, and Big Four consulting. On her Twitter feed, she shares her daily experience working at Gartner and her thoughts on productivity and innovation. She tweets her insights about the latest updates on Big Data and its integration with business. She also shares articles from other influencers and experts on big data and business.


Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist, @BoozAllen

Kirk Borne states on his bio that he loves data science…which is  very evident on his Twitter feed too. Borne regularly posts and retweets links to fascinating articles on Big Data and data science. Although he rarely tweets about business, his profile is worth a browse for B2B entrepreneurs and marketers alike just for his conversational approach to explaining Big Data.


Bernard Marr , Founder, Advanced Performance Institute

Bernard Marr is one of the most popular Big Data business consultants. He founded Advanced Performance Institute, a leading company when it comes to data in business. Through his tweets, he emphasizes the need to use strong data to gain deeper insight into how to improve business performance. Expect a few posts promoting his book Big Data: Using SMART Big Data, Analytics and Metrics To Make Better Decisions and Improve Performance.


IBM Big Data, Official #IBMBigData account

In recent years, tech giant IBM has remained at the forefront of Big Data initiatives in the B2B space. On Twitter, it has a dedicated account just for sharing insights and its latest projects relating to big data. Thought leaders, subject matter experts and data practitioners contribute content to IBM’s Big Data hub, the source of links for the @IBMBigData Twitter page. IBM tweets about data mining, deep analytics, and tips for businesses on how to identify and harness data to help strategies succeed.


Ben Lorica, Chief Data Scientist, @OReillyMedia

As a data scientist and a marketing strategist, Ben Lorica has a solid track record of implementing Big Data in business. He has successfully approached target advertising, financial engineering, market research and text mining in innovative ways. He tweets about his ongoing projects – webinars, campaigns, and worldwide events all related to big data and its implementation in business. What else can you expect from someone whose Twitter handle is @BigData?

There you have it. In no particular order, the top 10 profiles you need to follow on Twitter to keep yourself updated with the latest in Big Data implementation in business, particularly in the B2B space.

It definitely takes more than skimming through these profiles to brush up on your big data knowledge, so click on the links on their Tweets and mine the content these influencers share. You’re sure to find insights you can apply to your B2B initiatives.

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