Hashtag Team: Resurrecting the B2B salesperson, predictions for 2016

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Hashtag Team, our weekly round up of the most shared and buzzworthy B2B content on social media.

‘Tis the season for 2016 predictions! This week’s roundup features articles about data and marketing automation trends for the year ahead, along with some customer retention strategies, an infographic about the resurrection of the B2B salesperson, and a roundup of the best B2B content of 2015.

We’ve used Nexalogy to easily sift through piles of social data and discover these articles, and have collected them here to keep you in the loop.


B2B Customer Retention

While customer loyalty and retention is often the primary goal of a customer success team, B2B marketers also need to focus on the strategies and tools at their fingertips that can help keep people coming back for more. In this blog from Marketo, Chris Gillespie advocates for using marketing automation to increase customer retention and offers three ways of putting it into action. As Chris notes, marketing automation is consistent, personalized and “can listen and react to existing customers just the same way that it does to prospects.”

B2B Marketing Automation Trends

Speaking of marketing automation, this post from Smart Insights predicts it will be one of the biggest trends in the B2B space in 2016. Along with CommuniGator, they conducted research into the current drivers and barriers for B2B organizations implementing marketing automation. The results are summarized in this post, in which you’ll also find a link to download the full report.

How Data Will Transform B2B Marketing in 2016

This widely shared article by Tom Koletas for Ad Age covers five B2B trends that will be driven by data specifically, including lead scoring and predictive marketing. With more access to quality data than ever before, B2B marketers are faced with countless opportunities to target and optimize campaigns precisely and effectively. Tom predicts that over the next year, “data will completely transform the way b-to-b marketers approach digital” which makes jumping on these trends early a smart bet.

The Best B2B Content of 2015

In case we haven’t given you enough to read already, you can bookmark this post of the best B2B content of 2015, curated by Steve Rayson. You’ll find long form content such as eBooks and guides, provocative articles that got major attention in 2015, how-to posts, product launches, case studies and more.


The Resurrection of the B2B Salesperson – Infographic

The modern B2B buying journey has changed, so much so that Forrester has estimated that 1 million sales jobs will be obsolete by 2020. This infographic, created by Sales For Life, illustrates the results of research conducted by Forrester about the changing role of a B2B salesperson—including what they need to do to adapt and survive.



If you missed last week’s edition of Hashtag Team written by Brett Wilkins, head here to check it out. As always, if you have any B2B content we think we should share next week, let us know below or via @b2bnewsnetwork.

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Sarah Dawley

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