Hashtag Team: Lead-gen love for LinkedIn, finding B2B social media success

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Welcome to our round-up of the most shared and buzzworthy content about all things B2B on social media, carefully curated by the Hashtag Team each week.

If you’re interested in gaining new leads or demand generation (what B2B organization isn’t?) then you’ll enjoy the first two articles that we found. Get the scoop on some content marketing advice, and check out a podcast that will offer you some essential principles for your B2B social media strategy.

We’ve used Nexalogy to easily sift through piles of social data and discover these articles, and have collected them here to keep you in the loop.


Lead Generation via LinkedIn

Many B2B marketers would agree that LinkedIn is the social network with the most opportunity for developing new leads. If you’re new to LinkedIn, this post from Devumi outlines the basics as well as some tips for using the network to develop leads, establish relationships, attract talent, and get reviews for your business. Be sure to also read our past posts on LinkedIn here.

Demand Generation 

As Marina Arnaout notes in this post on Social Media Today, B2B buyers go through 70%-90% of the buying process before speaking with a vendor, thanks to how much the digital world has revolutionized the research and buying cycle. Keeping focus on these empowered customers with high expectations is a challenge. This post will give B2B firms solid advice for modernizing sales, harnessing big data, changing the customer experience, and driving conversions.

B2B Content Marketing

If you’ve decided that 2016 is the year your content marketing efforts kick into high gear, then this guest post from Rick Riddle on the Socedo blog offers an easy, five-step plan for creating a content marketing strategy—from creating customer personas and a content approach through to measuring whether or not it’s actually having a positive impact on your bottom line.


The Must-Follow Principals of B2B Social Media Success [Podcast]

I don’t know about you, but podcasts have become one of my main sources of education and entertainment, both personally and professionally. This podcast from Social Pros, featuring Jonathan Wichmann from Orca Social, covers some of the key insights for creating a successful B2B social presence—and why B2B social media exists in more than just the marketing and communications department. Perfect for listening to during your commute to or from the office this week.

If you missed last week’s edition of Hashtag Team written by Brett Wilkins, head here to check it out. As always, if you have any B2B content we think we should share next week, let us know below or via @b2bnewsnetwork.

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Sarah Dawley

Sarah Dawley

Sarah is an Ecosystem Copywriter at Hootsuite, where she writes a variety of materials about social media and its impact on business. Prior to joining Hootsuite, she was the Social Marketing Manager for the Music & Entertainment Channels at Bell Media, where she spent nearly four years building the presence of Much, MTV Canada, M3 and E! Canada into social communities of over 2.8 million fans and followers. Find her on Twitter @sarahdawley