2016 Martech Landscape Supergraphic

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The 2016 Martech Landscape Supergraphic was released at the Martech Conference in San Francisco on March 21. Conference chair Scott Brinker released the annual update of the graphic during his keynote address.

The Supergraphic captures the landscape across six categories. Here’s what you need to know:


  • This year, the landscape has seen an 87% growth in Martech vendors, Brinker told attendees along with his comment that peak Martech is being reached.
  • The number of companies referenced on the Supergraphic is now expressed through 3874 different logos owned by almost 3500 different companies.
  • Other highlights included a reduction in the number categories from 43 to 33 this year. Some of that reduction is due to consolidation.
  • There are also some new categories among the smaller number, like ABM and print.
  • Analyzing by individual products may no longer be relevant, but categories are critical as each category includes niche players for a variety of verticals and use cases.
  • It’s an era of extreme nichification in Martech. Given the current funding climate, there is going to be some consolidation.

B2BNN correspondent Derek Handova will be covering the conference (#martech2016) over the coming days. Check back for regular updates.

2016 Martech Supergraphic

Categories image credit @randyfrisch.

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