What you need to know about Thursday’s content marketing Q and A [sponsored]

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If you’re having difficulty with your marketing analytics, check out this live Q and A coming on Thursday, June 2 at 1 p.m EST.

It will be run by Jennifer Evans, the co-founder of B2B News Network and a pioneer in B2B content marketing.

We’ll walk you through the major data problems that content marketers experience and answer any questions you have.

The major data challenges we will be discussing:

Data Quality: How do you make sure you’re gathering the right content marketing data?

Technology: How would you determine the right tools to use to track your content marketing efforts?

Processes: Do you have the right systems in place to get your team to make data-driven decisions?

Register for Thursday’s content marketing Q and A (so you won’t miss a minute of it!) by clicking here.

Tell us what content marketing analytics questions you’re having the most trouble with. Get it answered live!

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