B2B Trending Conversations: The resource re-cap

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The B2B landscape is vast and has seen massive changes over the past two years. Niche tools have seen entire industries move their processes to the cloud, big data developments and predictive analytics have enabled us to identify efficiencies, close money pits and to target specific audiences with incredible accuracy.

Throughout all of these developments, Sarah Dawley and Brett Wilkins have created a substantial body of resources that act as a map to exactly what is happening and who is making it happen in B2B. Now that June is here and the promise of summer travel is on everyone’s agenda, it’s time to re-explore the outposts they identified.

Blockchain discussions fizzled for a few months, but now that the talk has expanded past Bitcoin, things are buzzing again.

Big data’s possibilities remain largely a question of “right-sizing” for each team’s needs. How to do that, exactly, is becoming less of a mystery.

The automation of document creation remains a huge trend in legal tech with the DIY spirit seeing B2B start ups acting as their own counsel.

Fintech developments have been hotspots in every sector of B2B’s geography. With most software now working with businesses on a SAAS model, even long-established processes like procurement and supply chain management are quite possibly gearing up for a new round of disruption.

There are certainly exciting times ahead as we prepare to head out on the highway for summer vacations.

Photo credit: Jon Evans

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