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The Best Co-working Spaces for Your B2B Start Up: Part 1

Last updated on July 22nd, 2016 at 12:58 am

Co-working spaces are becoming more popular with the ever-changing dynamic of work. Co-working spaces often offer both “hot desks” on demand and fixed-lease shared office space. The demand from businesses that work out of these spaces is growing. This coincides with the macro drivers of the workforce in the 21st century.

There are many different co-working models, and although the value propositions of these companies may differ, the base of what they have to offer does not. Co-working areas consist of a common space you share with other companies and/or people in your own organization. Having a large space with like-minded professionals allows for seamless networking opportunities. Furthermore, it is generally less expensive to buy a membership at a co-working company or cooperative than to lease directly from a landlord.

B2B entrepreneurs benefit from co-working in many ways, but it is important to find the platform that best works for your company. B2BNN set out to interview four companies and discover how each of them takes a unique approach to co-working.

Work in beautiful spaces: Spacious

With a background in commercial real-estate, Spacious CEO and co-founder Preston Pesek realized there was a business opportunity being missed with dinner restaurants sitting empty from 8am to 5pm. This realization led Pesek to create Spacious, a fast-growing co-working startup that partners with restaurants to allow Spacious customers to work in unconventional office spaces.

For $95 USD a month, or $25 USD a day, spacious members receive access to all locations without any extra fees. Right now, Spacious has three locations in New York City, but the company is planning open up places in London, San Francisco and Los Angeles by next summer.

“When you’re a spacious member you can trust it will be a high-quality experience wherever you go,” says Pesek. Do you want to have dinner or drinks after work? You’ll already be at a great restaurant – order from the menu or make your way over to the bar for happy hour.

Be part of a global network: Regus

With over 2 million members in 107 countries, Regus provides an unparalleled global network of places to work. Ian Hallett, CMO of the corporation, says Regus offices can be found in villages, small towns, suburbs, urban centres and even in airports. The idea behind the Regus network is “very similar to how your cell phone works” says Hallett, “you can get reception wherever you are in the world, we want to be in a position that wherever you are in the world you will have somewhere to work”.

Although Regus’ offices house fortune 500 companies such as Google and Verizon, they ultimately cater to “anybody that works”. As a B2B entrepreneur, registering with a Regus platinum card can be as inexpensive as $3 USD a day. With the platinum membership, you will have access to co-working spaces, free internet, business lounges and professional administrative support in 3,000 locations.

Regus is able to offer flexibility in membership for fast growing companies. Maybe your start-up will eventually need a private office instead of an open-concept space. When you first start with Regus you “pay for what you need” explains Hallett, “and if you need to change it, you can.”

Check in next Friday to discover two more co-working models.

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