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Preserving Productivity in Summer: Our favourite apps and tools

Last updated on August 29th, 2016 at 04:18 pm

The sun is out, but we are not. B2BNN hasn’t slowed down for the summer, but we’ve had to be a lot more flexible while scheduling interviews, planning for vacations and dealing with heat wave after heat wave too. Luckily, we all have access to apps and tools to help us manage our teams, our workflow, our professional-family life balance, and our deadlines.

Here are our favourites:


Kate Baggott, Managing Editor

I can’t choose one favourite! I have three and they’ve all come into my life over the past year.

First comes Co-Schedule. It supports our team’s ability to schedule WordPress content, social posts and to keep team notes in one place while we work everywhere at different times. It also has a superb set of data tools that have transformed our team communications and work flow here at B2BNN.

You know the sound deadlines make as they woosh by? I never hear it any more. To manage my own multi-client to-do list, I use Get It Done. Deadlines, reminders, central document and file storage on a task-by-task, project-by-project basis that can be shared with different teams and individuals. It helps me keep all the balls in the air as I juggle projects at various stages and with various levels of complexity.

One of my clients recently adopted Workday for its financial and human capital management. While the learning curve was time intensive when I started using the tool, it has streamlined processes in managing individual vendors, contractors and services as it relates to the budget and timelines of my most complex project.


Tracey Tong, Social Editor

My favourite productivity app is Evernote. I use it for everything – taking notes at meetings, making grocery lists, creating a list of questions to ask at the vet. It has replaced my traditional pen and paper notepad, and it’s more portable, because I’m never without my phone. Once you’ve got the service, you can share all your notes, documents, photos and scanned items across all your other devices. It’s like carrying a filing cabinet with you. Of course, the basic app – all you need unless you’re a very heavy user – is free.

B2BNN President Jennifer Evans

Jennifer Evans, President

I love Phonto for quick captions and photo edits – great for the small biz or DIY marketer who lives on Instagram and is 100% mobile.


Brett Wilkins, Columnist

Basecamp! It helps me manage projects, groups and client assignments in one of my main freelance gigs. It’s great for literally keeping every team member on the same page and it lets everyone know what they
need to do without pesky email chains.


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Kate Baggott
Kate Baggott
Kate Baggott is a former Managing Editor of B2BNN. Her technology and business journalism has appeared in the Technology Review, the Globe and Mail, Canada Computes, the Vancouver Sun and the Bay Street Bull. She is the author of the short story collections Love from Planet Wine Cooler and Dry Stories. Find links to recent articles by following her on LinkedIn