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Public sector IT

We all complain about waste in government, but we are also reluctant to spend on the big projects to make government work better. The time is now. Nowhere do we need efficiency more than in our public sector, and digital transformation efforts in the US and Canada have been half hearted and piecemeal. We hope a Clinton government will tackle this enormous challenge and opportunity in the US and feel that a Democratic presidency could result in the kind of (investment and transformation) that is necessary for the US to keep up with Asia. The possibilities of big data in health care, in transportation, in public planning are enormous and we need to make the investments. In Canada, the situation is even more dire after years of Harper (neglect of the digital agenda). These (white papers from ITAC), spurred in part by the protest resignation of our chief statistician, are a great starting point. This is a critical investment for Canada to make if we wish to continue to play a key role in moving the innovation agenda forward.

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The latest Gartner emerging tech hype cycle

Having spent the last fifteen years watching the hype cycle, we were gratified to see our area of focus at our sister company SqueezeCMM, enterprise taxonomy and ontology management, finally on the list. There was a great deal of movement on the list in August, with 16 new technologies hitting the cycle, some very late, including ours in the trough of disillusionment. Were the problems these solutions necessitate not identified earlier? What is Gartner’s method and criteria for deciding when something comes on or off? We’d love to see analyst forms collaborate on these projections and make them truly representative, and dismiss perception that MQs are driven by anything other than market evolution and vendor merit. Any takers?

Marketing Operations and AI

AI is rumoured to be making inroads in marketing.  We’re doing a feature on practical everyday uses of AI in businesses today and we’d love to hear from anyone who has integrated it meaningfully into their marketing operations in particular, and any vendors with really great solutions.

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