Women in B2B: Toni Desrosiers and Abeego

toni desrosiers
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The SheEO community chose 5 world-changing businesses lead by Canadian women. As promised, we are telling their stories through our B2BNN storyline features. The first in the series is Abeego, founded by Toni Desrosiers.

Changing the Way People Think About Food Storage

Plastics make up 12% of household waste. How did people store and preserve food before the invention of plastic wrap 50 years ago? Toni Desrosiers is a holistic nutritionist who became an entrepreneur to answer that question.

Abeego is a natural, reusable food wrapper offered as an alternative to plastic film wrap. The company was founded on common sense combined with the desire to help people change the way they think about food. The product was invented in the home of Toni Desrosiers and Colin Johnston of Victoria, British Columbia. Toni took the first samples to a community herb class where she gained positive feedback.

Toni described the process in her blog, “you’re standing in a vast meadow tracking a path to the top of a seemingly never ending mountain. At the peak of that mountain is your destiny. You know with every fiber of your being that you must clear the path to the top of that mountain. You don’t have a choice. You’ve been called. Feelings of fear, uncertainty, unworthiness, smallness and failure twist you into knots and each step feels heavier than the last.” She applied to SheEO, and through their concept of radical generosity is well on her way.

To date 343,274 sheets of Abeego have been sold, replacing an average 457,698 boxes of plastic wrap!



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