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B2B Trending Conversations: Spooooky Marketing Stats (and Other Stuff)

Welcome back to another edition of B2B Trending Conversations, our weekly selection of buzzworthy B2B tweets and posts. As Halloween fast approaches, we’ve embraced the trick-or-treat spirit with a treat of an infographic with scary marketing stats and helpful tips. We’re also running another infographic on building customer success as well as links to articles about improving your LinkedIn Company Page, Facebook marketing and B2B sales. We use the cutting-edge social analysis tool Nexalogy to help sift and sort through all the chatter to bring you the best of what’s happening in the B2B social space right now to help grow your business. Let’s get started!


B2B Social Media: Improving Your LinkedIn Company Page

Matthew Yeoman at Devumi Social Media Marketing shares six ways you can improve your LinkedIn Company Page, an increasingly important online tool as the world’s largest professional network surges toward the half billion user milestone. If you want your LinkedIn Company Page to truly matter, start by making sure your content solves problems for your audience. White papers, case studies, incisive blogs and longer videos work best here. Be sure to be responsive to your audience, tirelessly push for more follower growth, use images and video and use your company culture to increase advocacy and recruitment. And don’t forget to build a “follow us” button for your website!


B2B Sales

“Too often we’re treating conference rooms like war rooms and sending our teams into trenches to execute strategic plans of attack,” notes Mozman Consulting & Pitch Lab managing partner Jay Mays in this popular new Medium post targeting B2B C-suiters. “But if sales is war, then who is the enemy? Make damn sure it’s not your customers.” The onus of creating the right culture lies with CEOs, who must define their sales culture and ensure it is built on a foundation of trust. Sales cultures are nothing more than collections of habits, argues Mays, and changing motivation changes culture. Fostering closer teamwork boosts revenue, and tightly-coupled marking and sales functions have higher lead acceptance, conversion and close rates. Identify your enemy — it should be the problem you’re solving, not your customers. Eschew individual commissions and quotes and focus instead on team goals and a bonus structure. This way, CEOs enable authenticity, build trust and encourage better teamwork.  “With a top-down focus on culture, the right team will fall into place and your brand will ultimately benefit,” says Mays.


B2B Facebook Marketing

Do you need to connect with other businesses on Facebook? Are you wondering how other brands make Facebook work for them? Joanne Sweeney-Burke at Social Media Examiner explores how top B2B brands use one of the world’s leading social media sites to build relationships with their prospects. Using high-quality imagery combined with bold fonts and one key messages will help support your expert status. Take full advantage of the new Facebook Live feature to capitalize on interest in your brand. Generate warm prospect audiences with Facebook ads, bolster engagement and reach with Instant Articles and increase visibility and engagement with native video.


Building Customer Success: Infographic

This infographic from Strikedeck promotes a granular approach to customer success planning, starting with a clear definition of goals and identification of which metrics and KPIs are crucial to your process.  “Work cross-functionally between teams to figure out a joint strategy in which both sides of the operation can help each other when the need arises,”  advises Strikedeck. “Find the right team members, who have the right attitude and a desire to work with customers day-in and day-out.” Once your team coalesces, don’t forget to introduce an incentives regime to reward high-flyers.


Spooky Marketing Stats

Square 2 Marketing marketing director Meghan Durett gets B2B marketers in the Halloween spirit with this spooky infographic brimming with scary stats about marketing and tips to survive during these frightening times. The fact that 90 percent of B2B buyers never respond to cold outreach is truly spine-chilling, and knowing that online customers complete most of the buying cycle on their own without talking to a salesperson is enough to frighten even the most seasoned B2B marketer. The average email list rots faster than a decaying corpse, and the overwhelming bulk of Millennials run screaming from intrusive ads on their favorite sites like zombie apocalypse survivors run from the walking dead. But fear not, marketers can survive any scare by utilizing inbound marketing tactics, blogging to generate many more leads and informing about their brands via articles and blogs instead of ads.


That’s all for this week. Have a happy and safe Halloween and we’ll be back again next week with all the B2B news that’s fit to print. If you really can’t get enough of the B2B buzz until then, check out last week’s column here. As always, contact us at @B2BNewsNetwork with your feedback, tips and pitches. We love hearing from you!


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