Thursday, February 29, 2024

Faster, Easier, Better: Turning to AI

“AI” is not just a new buzzword. Historically we, humankind, have been trying to build a machine that can perceive its environment and take intelligent action for quite some time. The first successful computational model is generally attributed to Warren McCulloch and Walter Pitts, in 1943 (The Mind Project).
Over 70 years later AI is changing the game. It touches our lives every day: Siri helps us find things, we can auto-park our cars, banks are automating.

What’s out there to help B2B become faster and better? How can we take advantage of AI? Are there tasks that are time consuming and manual that can be done by AI instead? Absolutely!

We’ve written about Amy Ingram (and her brother Andrew), as well as the company before. Just cc in this AI assistant, and relieve yourself of that headache you will inevitably get when scheduling meetings.

Who enjoys taking meeting minutes? How long does that task take you after a 3-hour conference call? Clarke or Claire will dial in to conference calls, take notes, and emails them.


Conversica automates email conversations to qualify leads for your sales team, a virtual sales assistant.  This virtual assistant reaches out to, and engages with your customers in a friendly and helpful manner. The AI saves time for your sales reps, so they only have to follow up with qualified leads.



Mintigo is all about account-based marketing. They “continuously collects thousands of data points on millions of companies globally – information such as financials, staff and hiring trends, technologies installed, marketing channels used, and purchase intent” to craft your customer DNA.



Arria has some out-of-the-box software that “reads” documents and systems, to provide accurate analysis in easy-to-understand reports. They say “data in, language out.” An example they give is 60 Daily Weather Reports. It would take a human 24 hours, Arria takes .72 seconds.


Automated Insights

I love spreadsheets as much as the next person (really!). Though I can pivot the data and understand it, that doesn’t mean I can tell a story from it. Automated Insights turns spreadsheets into narratives. Imagine taking your content marketing analytics, your sales pipeline reports and creating success stories out of those.

automate insights


Productivity is everything. Begin promises to be fantastic. Unfortunately it’s so new, it’s in pre-beta only.



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