Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Top 3 at 3: Today’s Hot Topics

1 – The US election. It’s looking like sanity will prevail, but business needs to be prepared for a Trump presidency. Volatility. Unpredictability. Rapidity. Those are likely circumstances of a Trump presidency, and while that’s the world where startups live, business in general is not comfortable with an environment with those qualities. At the same time, Trump is likely to introduce extremely business favourable policies while Clinton’s are much more private-public partnership focused to address social issues through business. Two very different approaches. A Trump presidency will likely lead to even more deregulation and a Clinton presidency will likely bear a lot of similarity to a new New Deal. Infrastructure, repair to crumbling roads and bridges, schools will characterize her presidency. Either route seems good for business, but only one explicitly benefits society as well.

2 – Is it just me or do the announcements coming out of #DF16 feel a little light this year?

3 – I did a podcast with the Globe and Mail on startups, about what commitment to turning an idea into a business can really take, and how to recover when things go completely not as planned. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s a story I am proud to tell, and one I hope others will either gain strength or reassurance from. Have a listen: Risk Takers


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Jennifer Evans
Jennifer Evans
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